Sunday, August 21, 2011

SART 8/20/11

Nice 50 miler with Gina on SART. JohnR caught us from behind near Imperial so we had a chance to ride with him for a while. Go the latest scoop then quickly ran into Lenny with his kids Karen and Kevin. Lenny is Actel on the forums and like any good forum member, he's teaching his kids how to ride the smart way on the trail. Cute kids but that little Kevin looks pretty serious and mean. He's going to be a terror on the bike like Dad in no time! Karen, well she's got the long thin levers made for cranking them pedals.

A little silly chat with Sarah and friend Peggy at Edna Park. Crazy chat with Sarah
which seems to be the usual.

On to the coast where we meet up with Mark, Pete and a new comer to us, Cindy. We get a chance to chat for a while and as always, I get to tell more then my share of cycling stories ha ha! Gina and I were running late so we headed back after a brief rest. That was cool as it gave us a chance to ride with the little red gang ha ha!

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