Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday SART

A nice ride today. Felt pretty breezy though but that is half the fun for me. I love the feeling of spinning into a headwind. We have turned around the last few times at the Lincoln detour. That's 2 detours on the trail now, man they just bug me. Especially this Lincoln detour. The light takes so long and the traffic is nothing but a big blind spot IMO so heck, we don;t mind cutting back on the mileage a bit for now. 

Ran into Bad Bob and The Legend Greg at the coast. They stopped by for a chat. Greg has lost a bunch of weight and been riding 300 miles per week. Wow! Getting back into form and looking like a skinny guy ha ha! I noticed Bob was on his Felt today. I asked which he preferred, his Felt or his Colnago. He said the Felt since the Colnago was broken. Bummer but after only 5 years, his top of the line Colnago snapped near the rear drop out. I asked about the warranty and he said Colnago said there was not a warranty on the frame but they would be happy to replace it for $5.000. Are you kidding me? The current model frame set that he has sells for $6200. I do recall another dude posting in the forums that his Colnago broke and they wanted a few thousand to replace the frame. Seriously? Wow, I guess that is why I am so happy with my Treks. Mine snapped right about the same place and they replaced it free, no questions asked. OK so the Colnago rides a little better, so what! For  an $8000 bike, I'd want somebody to come pedal for me ha ha! OK not really but they better be willing to replace it if it breaks. I'd expect that sucker to last a lifetime. This kind of a story is enough to keep me from ever buying a Colnago, even if I hit the lotto ha ha! OK< I just got to say this, Colnago sucks ha ha!

I did see Julius rid by and got in a shout! Another dude rode by and shouted, "Beanz!". I'm not sure who he was but we managed to get in a pretty good wave ha ha!

                                                       Bad Bob.....on his FELT!

                                            The skinny version of The Legend Greg

                                         Word out on the trail is she stole my team colors!

                                                   Yes, she stole my colors alright!

                                            Happy to be back although it was a good ride!

                                                 She even stole my colors for her socks!

A little hot and sweaty but feeling accomplished


  1. This is Ricky
    I passed earlier and gave a shout out

    1. Ah OK! I thought it might have been you but wasn't sure. I did manage to see a coupe of cycling chicks though! :-P

  2. "I love the feeling of spinning into a headwind"