Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday SART

44.6 miles at 16.0 average. Not bad! Bit windy heading to the coat but a good ride. Did a good pace on the return. The North Bridge to Bride segment, my favorite was good. Gina pushed a 19.8 average on that section (7.4 miles) so that was a good thing. Rick caught us on the way so he worked with us. Not a bad riding partner. When he took the front he kept the same pace. Not a bad deal as most riders pick up the pace and don't give me a chance to recover. Rick did just that. Then when Gina fell back off the pace a bit, he'd slow and let her take his wheel pulling her back up. Another "not bad" in my book. Many riders will just stay behind her till she works her way back up. I could never figure out why they do that. IMO, this is the smart thing to do so that she gets to recover so that she is ready when she's back on. Hmm, not bad Rick!

Ran into Ron & Dixie at the coast. Also Mark and Gail so there was a little crowd of friends thing going on! :-P

                                                                  Ready to Ride!

                                                                   Say cheese!

                                                            Mark's new flashers!

                                                    Gail and Gina heading back!

                                                               Hold on Charlie!

                                                              Another Rick shot!

                                                    The Rick eating Fig Newtons pose!

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