Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gina on GMR...8/28/10

Had stuff to do on Sat morn so we decided to do a GMR ride in the evening. Gina agreed to ride GMR cause it was close. She's been talkng about it for a while thinking it would get her back into shape. She's much more at ease doing the ride now and eventhough it's been a while, she did great. She's actully thinking that it cold be our regular Saturday ride. We'll see, but she did have a good time. Hillbasher was the only one to show up out of the 72 invitations I sent out. Not sure what it is but my messages and email seem to get lost when they include the letters G-M-R bwahahaha!

Not many riders or traffic up there on a Sat eve. Met some motorcyle dudes up there, figured it 's good for cycling-Moto relations., Dudes were cool! Can't hear or see in the video but when they passed after the meeting, they honked and waved, it's working haha!


  1. Great video! It feels like I am right there! Congratulations to Gina for making it up the "hill"! And for some unknown reason I have this hankerin' for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!

    By the by on a Saturday evening, I am a couch potato along with those other folks.

  2. hey, i just found you, i'm loving it. i'm a biking n00b, if you can call me that since i'm on a cruiser around town, but i love reading about your rides. thanks!

  3. Thanks GMR, we were thinking you might be up there that day, and looking for ya! Wow, I'm shocked at how lite the traffic is on a Sat evening. I guess everyone was at the movies haha!

  4. Thanks Jessie, I appreciate al the fine comments! Cruiser or not, bring that bike on down, we'll be happy to ride with you up GMR. A picnic basket with some P&J sandwiches, I'm there!