Sunday, August 29, 2010

SART 8/29/10

Met ABEC of the forums today on SART. Saw this dude on the side of the road, friendly wave and next thing I know he's on our wheel. Then he comes up and introduces himself, ah ha! So we ride down to the coast from the Leaky Fountain, hang out for a while then head back. Pretty cool guy! Had some laughs then headed back. Guy has only been on the bike a month and he's doing very well. Another month or two and we won't be keeping up haha! Shockingly, he's already asking about GMR, not many news do!

Also caught a glimpse of KingsHockey and the Mrs on a tandem fly-by. Also another guy, I don't know who he was but he called out a shout to us. I didn't stop then saw him again a second time but couldn't stop cause I had a line of riders on my wheel. Hope to see the guy again for a pic or two, and some video haha!

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