Saturday, August 21, 2010

SART 08/21/10

Another nice day on SART. Ran into Bob and Dan who were cleaning the trail with a brush. They started a new club and the goal is to earn high awards to represent their club.. I'm not exactly sure of the details but it's good thing if they help keep the trail clean.

Had a chance to ride with Krylon and Brokenrider of the Leaky Ftn Boyz. Dudes are killing us on bikejournal dammit! Saw a fly by (as seen in vid) by Eric Anderson on his contraption. Brian showed up at the coast on another one of his 60 milers. He didn't return from lunch in time so we headed back with Alex. Nice pace. Gina did very well. It is nice to see Alex getting involved with the whole picture posting thing. Adds variety !

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