Sunday, December 12, 2010

SART 12/12/10

Not a whole lot happening on the trail today. Wow, late start (11:30) but I didn't care, feeling pretty lazy today. We did another 42 miles on the tandem. I'm thinking Gina carried me today. We did run into a few brave souls toughing out the windy ride. Condorita was finishing up while we were getting ready so we chatted a bit. Then a flyby of the Legend Greg and BadRob. Hadn't seen the duo together for sometime and the worry was that The Haircut had gone their own ways and own barbers haha!

At the coast we ran into Brian once again. Then AznCarbos and his rocks swept up from the sea. Lucas too! We had some jokes and laughs then Eric Anderson rode up on his bent. We had seen Eric on the trail about 3 times recently but on an upright, what! Yup, an upright so we missed him as he rode by the last few times. But we got him today at the coast haha.

After some laughs, AZNCarbos and Brian went into POSE MODE! Most people won't pose much but these two guys, they've been practicing and had no problem with striking a pose haha! Posefest ended when one of the young guys lost interest and headed another direction so I was forced to stop the shoot! I think you can spot the pic that ended it all.

Nice day, weather said it was 80 in Santi Ana, didn't feel like it but it was nice. Not a whole lot on the ride other than the people so no music, just a few interviews and shots.


  1. Nice story and pics. I write this as I am stuck home sick and its raining!

  2. Yeah, rain sucks! Well not the rain but riding in it haha! Not even riding in it, more like getting the bike dirty sucks!