Saturday, December 4, 2010

SART 12/04/10

Nice little 49 miler on the trail. Just replaced a cable on the tandem so figured we'd check it out, worked well haha. Really strange but 3 bikes, 3 broken rear shifter cables in two weeks. Oh well, all new cables now so all are back in good shape.

Started the ride with El Monarcha (Jose) but quickly ran into Alex2 near Imperial. He rode back with us to Weir then to the coast. Cold morning, each mile felt like I had just gotten out of bed. Gina said she felt the same way. A few rain drops here and there but not enough to get us wet. Ran into Octico (John) and his son Gabe at the Leaky Fountain. Plus Julie at the coast. Lady is on schedule for a 13,000 mile year, WOW!


  1. Hey Fred

    Nice to see you! You and Gina are looking great!! Wish we had more time to talk.

  2. That is awesome footage ... good job beanz!