Thursday, November 25, 2010

11/24/10 GMR at Night with Eyemage

So the night ride was funs but I needed another sucker to ride up with me. It is more relaxed at night with a ride partner and more fun. Not a whole lot to see at night but it does give the ride a different feel. Heck, just having Eyemage and his commentary around adds some variety to the ride haha! But at one point, he got so cold he tried to jump off the edge but I managed to talk him down safely haha! After the ride, we went to "The Habit" for a bite to eat. More fun! Gina joined us there for a chicken sandwich. She's not a night rider....YET!

When we got down to the The Habit in LaVerne, the temp was 42 but much warmer than at the shack. Did I mention the descent was cold?

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