Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tinkering Around on GMR with Matt..11/03/10

Well, Hillbasher and I rode up to Peacock Saddle where we ran across a couple of celebrities. Matt, a pro lurker of GMR related blogs. Very cool guy, encouraging and excellent rider. Also some dude named Tinker, not sure who he is but he went by on a MTB (that's a joke, I've heard of the guy).

Nice day on GMR. S'posed to be hot but a perfect day. Not chilly on the dips and not too hot on the ups. Only saw 2 riders on the way up to the saddle which is unusual. But they started appearing as we rested on the wall. Maybe we were just too darn fast for any of them to catch us! Haha, another joke. If the Saturday forum ride has weather like this, there's going to be lots of happy riders!

Sometimes Hillbasher likes to do it the hardway! Hahaha!


  1. GMR Matt aka my father riding up GMR on his 54th birthday. The old man still has it!

  2. Oh darn, it was is birthday? He should have said something, Hillbasher and I would have sang HB live unplugged haha! Yup, the old guy's still got it, he's still a badass! Well,just met the guy couple months back so maybe he wasn't and now he is, or always was, I dunno hehehe!

  3. You had a Tinker sighting and you didn't tell me? Shame!!;)