Saturday, November 27, 2010

SART 11/27/10

Sat 27th....first flat trail ride in a long time. 43 miles with Gina. Joined on a portion of the return with Alex2. Alex was riding strong today. We hung for a while but he eventually dropped our arses ! Windy cool day, sun in and out and the clouds were playing tricks. Nice to be back on the flats but geeze, the WIND! I know Gina was tired at the end haha!


  1. Wow, its always good to review the blog for things one might miss. The view of a deserted california beach with fantastic array of clouds what a treat. Thanks for sharing

  2. Oh yeah! The pics don't do the clouds justice. So many up and around Catalina but they just don't show their beauty in the pics. Bill and his Panarama need to get out there!;)