Monday, November 15, 2010

SUNDAY Gina to the Village (First Time)

She did it, the complete ride to the village and back. 42 miles with 5,000 ft of climbing. TomBunn made his attempt also and guess what, no sweat! Both have come a long ways having made it to the village. Nice small group ride with Pro GMR riders HerbM and Hillbasher escorting us newbs to the village. JanB was also there but so far ahead I forgot she was there haha!

Nice ride. We stayed together for most of the ride . But like always, Gina and I were the last to the top. Who cares! She made it hahahaha! At one point I was thinking I may have to head back for the truck but Gina pushed through it like a true trooper. Again I asked at the village if I should ride back for the truck so that she could avoid the scary descent but she said she'd go for it. Did quite well too. Wow, I'm happy for the two of them, good job!


  1. Great Job Gina! Its a great feeling riding into Mt Baldy Village, ain't it?

  2. Thanks BFriend! She is pretty happy about it!;)

  3. Mrs. Beanz,

    There's nothing like it. The satisfaction and the triumph of making it for the first time. Way cool. The crowds cheer wildy as the lead female rider in the pink jersey descended into the village to take her place on the podium labelled Mt. Baldy Fire Station.


  4. Hahaha! The podium. Sounds funny but of all the female riders I know, only a select few have stood on that podium.;)

  5. Great job Gina!

    Is that road closed to traffic?

  6. Thanks John! Oh how I wish GMR was closed to traffic, sorry it's not!:(