Saturday, June 9, 2012

SART (No Gina) 6/9/12

Well Gina had more family business so I headed off alone on SART. Once I reached Imperial I got ready to head to the coast when I saw LewisAClark roll by. Man it was a stiff headwind today but I saw him blow by several riders. I managed to pull up behind him but stayed back for a bit in an attempt to go unrecognized ha ha! He did look back a few times but the shoulder glance didn't give me away. I'm thinking he figured I was one of the riders he rolled by earlier . It wasn't until he took a different path after Lincoln that he saw me, still not sure if he made me out or not since I was alone which is rare nowadays.

I saw Tammy and Alan at the HC U turn. Alan stopped above the underpass so we exchanged a few words. I heard my name called a couple of times. At first I thought it was the Big Man coming to take me away. Cmon, not while I'm enjoying a ride. But it turned out to be Alan thank goodness! 

Somewhere down the road I was rejoined with LewisAClark so we pulled into the coast together after exchanging a few words. I'm sure it had to be about the stiff headwind. At times I was pushing hard and only doing 14.5 MPH! At the coast, a quick surprise visit with MTBLurker asking to have his picture taken (OK, not really!)

Jordan rolled up on his commuter not clear about my name. So he mentions that a few others know me as Jose. WHAT!!! OK, the cat is out of the bag. My real name is Jose. I just use Fred cause I'm a dorky bike rider ha ha! We chat for a bit about bikes and stuff
 then decide to roll out after Alex2 appears. Crazy Alex2 on another one hundred miler as always. So he rides with us taking advantage of the nice draft created by Jordan an his commuter. Fat tires but the dude moves on that bike. Heck, I was happy, I got to set back enjoy the draft and take a few pics and video ha ha!

LewisAClark has no idea I am behind him he he he!

                                     Tammy& Alan, Lewis A Clark crossing paths at the U Turn


                                     I heard voices from above, thought the Big Guy came to take
                                     me home. Turns out it was only Alan shouting
                                     my name from top of the underpass.

                                                            MTBLurkr as for a picture

                                                                  Alex2's idea of a smile

                                                    Dr. Sarah and Peggy, equipment check

                                        Jordan getting ready to kick some butt on his commuter

                                         Jordan kicking butt on his commuter. Alex2 on a hundred miler taking                          
                                         advantage of a strong draft created by Jordan

                                          Jordan after a nice fast 12 mile stretch, hitting his exit

                                                             Alex2 back to the front


  1. Hey Beanz, or Fred, or Jose, or....? I wasn't kicking butt! There was a tailwind! On the way back to the coast was a death march for me. Anyways, I found your blog, and a nice one it is. Hopefully, we'll run into each other again.

    1. Ha ha ha! Yeah you did kick butt. But the return? Hey, if nobody is there to hear you cry.....ha ha ha!