Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another nice 42 mile ride on SART. Not quite as windy to day but still a good enough headwind to get your attention. After a night of karaoke and board games at Mom's house, we only got 4 hours sleep. Didn't leave Mom's place till 3:30 am. But we had a good time and now it was time to ride, so we did ha ha!

Stopped for a quick stretch under the trees at Imperial as Gem rolled by. Man, I tried to time it so that he'd be out of the shadows for a good clear picture but he's too fast to time to time just right. Around the 405 we were joined by Bad Bob who made the rest of the way to the coast with us. He hung around for a bit to listen to some old Beanz meets Gina stories then headed of after a few laughs. Big surprise when JeepSeaHawk of the forums approached us Beach Bum style. I do recognize his face so not having a bike didn't throw me off. this time ha ha! Turns out he was kicking it at the beach with his kids. He stuck around for a good while for a chat.

Then Brian and his gal Evelyn rode up.  Funny dude, always something good to say. We all chat for a bit then notice Evelyn's face is really tone. She's been working out and riding, and it shows. Lean mean riding working out machine! After some conversation they head off looking for some Visine. I guess  Brian figured that if he rubbed sun block in his eyeball he wouldn't have to worry about getting sunburn on his eyeball ha ha! Not really. So when the sunblock container says it won't run with sweat, don't believe it, Brian doesn't ha ha!

Gem, too fast to time!

                                                                          Bad Bob

                                         JeepSeaHawk flexing some beefcake for the wimmins

                                                                  Brian & Evelyn



                                                      Flash photography, window style!

Jose kicking it in the corner by himself

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