Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well I somehow got talked into riding up GMR after work. Not sure how Hillbasher got me up there but we were there ha ha! I didn't take the recorder figuring we wouldn't see many others, wrong! Heck, I think we saw more familiar faces than on the weekends. Well, Matt and his crew of coworkers. Ended up riding part of the way with the crew as they turned off at Newman's Point while Hillbasher and I rolled on up to the landing above the shack. Matt and one of his buddies had already been to the shack but found it in their legs to head up once again with his crew. Now I know, always be prepared with the recorder ha ha!

I must say, after seeming to end up on night shifts at work over several years, this had to be my first after work evening ride since way back in about 2006 'ish. Felt good. Body is much warmer and looser than after waking from a deep sleep for a ride after a night at work. Even after a few injuries from battling giant spiders, I felt pretty good! ;-)

It was warm at the start 


                                               Running into Matt and his friends/coworkers

                                                   Classic Hillbasher & Mt Baldy fascination

                                                              Ready in case it gets dark

                                                    Hillbasher descending into the sunset


  1. A mid-week ride, looks so fun! Me and my crew skipped riding yesterday for some Beer and Pizza at Warehouse Pizza in LaVerne.

    I had to hit the rollers this morning to burn off last night. LOL.

    1. Pizza? Dude, you're killing me here! ;-)