Saturday, June 30, 2012

SART 06/30/12

Where do I begin? OK, set out for another trail ride with Gina and Aimee. Aimee's been on vacation for 3 weeks traveling the world, even watched the last stage of the Giro. Today was her first time back on the bike after 6 weeks so she took it easy on us. We stopped under the trees at Imperial right before heading back to the coast when EricAnderson rode up doing his one legged drills. He headed north as we headed south only to be passed by Eric. Meh! He was just showing off after getting one of them fancy electronic fit dealie bobs ha ha!

Soon after we run across Genaro at the Edna wooden bridge. We were crossing paths when he had a bottle in his mouth so all I heard was  "brr, ummm, hrr, grr ,bdrrrr!" as he waved us down ha ha! I didn't recognize him at first but with his strange choice of words, I thought he was trying to rob me. Okay, not really but we were in the danger zone so you never know ha ha! We talk for a bit but he won't remove his shades in fear of driving the wimmins crazy with his green eyes cause he's married. Funny but seems we ran into everybody on the way to the coast. It was no problem stopping for a brief chat since there was a pretty stiff headwind. I never argue about about a chance to take a break.

At the coast we ran into several more friends. One of which happened to be Jordan who we had run into earlier at Imperial. He stopped at a mini mart so we figured he'd catch us on the way to the coast. But we had to stop at the leaky fountain to refill our bottles. Just then we saw him go by at a pretty good effort but not knowing we were there. We laughed all the way to the coast thinking he was probably thinking he was pushing harder and harder saying to himself, "I know I can catch them" but never seeing us on the way. Maybe he wasn't but we had a laugh thinking so! But at the coast he told us of his plans to change the "M" on his Moser to "P" for Poser. He's always got something funny to say!

Jed 19 stopped for visit, El Monarch and his daughter from AZ., Louie on his cross bike cruiser. Alex2 was also there but heading out to Long Beach. We thought we'd see him on the way back but we left a little sooner than usual cause I had to get a haircut badly. On the return we ran into Pete. A short chat about the tour then we headed off, had to get that haircut!

I was shocked that the video was over 7 minutes even without a music section. All conversatin' with buds. I didn't realize I talked that much. I kept trying to blame Gina and Aimee but they weren't having any of it ha ha!

Oh oh! Gina sees a Mazda hitch bike rack, getting ideas I see!

                                                  EricAnderson on the warm up, pre 50 mph!

                                     Genaro still looking good after a VERY early morning start

                                                   Alex2 still trying to crack a smile

                                            El Monarcha and daughter, bike and ocean swim

                          Jordan with plans to change the "M" on his Moser to "P" for Poser ha ha!

                                                         Louie having a good time

                                                         Always good to run across Pete

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