Sunday, July 2, 2017

40 with Gina

Another 40.9 miles today at 16.1 with Gina, Aimee and Jose. Gina hasn't been on the bike much lately (serious family illnesses) but did very well today. Got news her brother may not last long (liver/kidney/heart failure/ 40 years old) and a few tears on the way to the trail. But I think it was a good thing to do. She was actually smiles and happy forgetting about her worries for a while hanging out with Aimee.

I did stay at the front the entire ride today. After the 60 yesterday, I sure could use the help but some ride partners lack the ability to hold a steady pace for more than 50 yards ha ha! So I just stayed up front setting the pace for Gina and Aimee. Neither has been on the bike much lately so having to sprint time after time to close gaps was not an option today. So I sucked it up and took the pain ha ha ha!

Ran into Don at the coast. Nice day, sunshine but not too hot.

Wow, the homeless are really spreading and growing. Now moving toward Lincoln , many more tents today. Again, no I don't feel sorry for the druggies. Matter of fact, they idiots are getting more and more obnoxious. Today as I was riding through one of the camps, there were thugs after thugs walking aimlessly on the trail. At one point I said, "passing on your left, 4 of us!" to avoid a mishap.

Then one of the morons out there said, "oh, 4 of  you hunh? Blah blah blah!". I didn't have time to react having to avoid the obstacle course but I really felt like saying, "yeah, 4 of us! I figure if your're stupid enough that you have to live out here in a tent, you more than likely can't count to 4!!". :-P


I think they were store bought but I figure they would attract a few views on my blog ha ha!

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