Saturday, July 8, 2017


 44 miles at 16.1 average today (acc Garmin) with Gina and Jose. Max of 102.2 and average of 94.3 degrees. Again I stayed at the front all day setting the pace for Gina knowing I had to control it so she didn't over heat too much.

Ran into The Legend today at the start of the ride. I guess he ran into Jose who was on his way to meet us at our new parking spot. We were really shocked to see he was on a bent. Oh great! The Legend is fast but on a bent? I'm guessing he'd be doing speed up in the 40's, maybe leading out the TDF sprints in France somewhere ha ha! To our surprise, he said it is quite different. Twitchy handling, tricky in the turns and even a bit slower than his upright. Said he fell over a couple of times on the 90 degree turns at the wooden bridge. The bars hit his knees when he turns and lots of other stuff to watch out for on the new bent. My guess is once he adapts to it, then he'll be leading out the TDF sprints. He did ride with us and seemed to have no problem on the straight flat sections but with the little rise in the 90 degree turn at the Imperial bridge heading North, I did notice he nursed it a bit. Well it was all good because I'm guessing that it would be the only time we could keep up with him haha! Cause once he gets the feel of it.......................

Ran into Alex at Yorba Park. We had a head start then he caught us somewhere around Tustin ave. Had a brief chat with Jose, posed for a pic then headed off alone.

Ran into Tony's friend Thai at the coast. He actually opened up and had plenty to say today. Maybe because Tony was not there ha ha! I wonder if Tony doesn't allow him to talk or something. I can say we had a good chat and a pretty friendly fellow. Forgot to take a pic though. Heat must have gotten to me! Same with Mark, had a chat but forgot the pics! :-O

Heading back we felt the heat at Santa Ana. I really didn't mind because I get to soak Gina with water when it gets HOT! I soaked her down at Edna heading to the coast then again at the same park heading back to the parking at Katella.

                                                                     The Legend

The Legend and a peace sign!

Alex chatting with Jose


Fly away little birdie! :-P

Smiles after about 5 bottles of water poured over her head and back. Ready to go again!

I actually found this dollar in the Honda Center restroom after a homeless dude came out from taking a bath in there. Heck, I kept it and bought a lotto ticket with it, you never know! If I win millions, new bikes for all my friends! :-P

Gina's butt print ha ha! About 50% dried after she stood up for about 5 seconds. The heat dried it up  rather quickly. 5 seconds after this, it was nearly gone! :-O

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