Sunday, October 16, 2011

SART 10/16/11

Okay, let me get this straight. Seemed like I ran into a ton of riders today so I'll try to get the names right. On the way to the coast we ran into Ray and Pam (orange jerseys) then stopped at Edna Park for a short chat. Nice people, both double century riders. Then near the coast we ran into Jed19, rider formerly know as Prince...oops, I mean Lucas ha ha!

At the coast we ran into Jeff and Angie, their friends Brian and Olivia. Then Ron and Dixie from the GMR area. I had seen them before but never really had a chat until today. We did see them riding their tandem up GMR the day of the TOC. Small world, they know Matt, GMR, Ray Clone and a few others up there in them there mountains.

Back to Brian and Olivia's tandem "Split Personality". Front end is fixed up all racer style while the rear is totally cruiser dude! Olivia's looking pretty straight up while stokin' the tandem cruiser style but believe me, they were blazing on the trail. In no time we hit 24 on the return section of the ride and that was it, we were off he back in a jiffy. Aimee was dong well so we waved her around and so she too vanished with the tandems. Like I've said many times before, Aimee is a powerhouse! She dropped off the back a couple of times but even at speeds of 25 mph, she was able to close the gap and hop back on with the tandems. FTR, she was blocked off the back by those annoying rides that hop on only to interfere when they shouldn't.

Also a short chat with Jose number 2 at the coast (Yellow jersey). He was off to eat and never returned with anything for us ha ha! Met a new friend Roman. Cool little old time helmet. Taking a look at his thing, pretty cool, Cinelli helmet.

Somewhere along the line of conversation, we got Jed19 to commit to a ride up GMR next Sunday. Will be his first and like many others, a little nervous but we all know he can do it...unless he somehow loses a leg between now and next week. It's in the video, he made the pledge, no backing out now ha ha! But really, I think he can do it with one leg if he tried!

Mark was there at the cost too. We didn't get a chance to talk much but he too seemed pretty interested in GMR as well. I'm thinking he may be there next Sunday, not sure but he was awful interested today wink wink!

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