Monday, October 31, 2011

SART 10/30/11

Nice day on the trail, another 42 miles. Ran into EricAnderson at the start, riding his Specialized Roubaix. Guy is hard to spot when he's not on his bent. Then Flying Merkel again at Edna Park. A little chat on bikes. Off to the coast where we ran into Jeff and Angie on their tandem. Later Alan and Tammy ride up so we all head back together.

Alan insists on being back up camera man so he exercised his rights today. Hey, I wanted to see what the new frame looked like ha ha! I left in some raw footage of his comments. The other side of the camera sans music.


  1. When you ride SART, where do you start? At the Green River head?

    Just wondering.

    Great blog!

  2. Thanks! We start at Orangewood (fire training center just south of the stadium). We head inland to Imperial, Weir, or Greenriver dependng on the length of ride we're craving. Then double back to the coast for some chillin'. Then we do a short 12 mile tailwind return to the start.