Thursday, October 6, 2011

GMR 10/06/11

Nice ride up to the shack with Hillbasher. My Lemond is toast so I had to break out the Beanz Mobile. The Lemond is a triple so hoping that I hadn't gotten spoiled, I thought it would be interesting to see if the standard 39/25 on my Beanz Mobile would be any different. Nah, still the same, I made it!

Nice day and much warmer than we expected. Pretty sure the both of us were expecting a chilly ascent, maybe some drizzle but it was very nice on the way up, if anything it was warm. We sat around at the landing above the shack for some good old time stories and laughs. That's when the weather changed. Dark clouds, and a chilly breeze. We headed down before it got too ugly and boy was it cold. I guess we've been spoiled by the summer heat so today seemed extra cold, my ears were freezing on the descent. One thing for sure, the cold is on it's way. But the clouds did make up some cool formations today.

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