Friday, October 28, 2011

Well it Looks Like A Bike

Well I built it!:-D Finally got the headset bearing last night. I needed a star nut as well so the dude at the shop said $12.00 to cut the fork and install the nut. He had to set up the headset as well while doing so.

I gave him $20, saved me from having to buy a hack saw ( I lost mine).

So building it took about 3 hours, most of the time cleaning the components real good and swapping wheels with the other bike. Assembly was easy. Hardest part was removing the ugly warning sticker from the fork. ;-(

Well looks like a bike and tomorrow is the maiden voyage. I expect to make a few adjustments on the ride as the cables adjust.


  1. Sweet. Your bike looks awesome. A race horse ready to zoom up the hill. Yeehaw.