Sunday, October 9, 2011

SART 10/09/11

Cool ride today on SART. Another 42 miles with Aimee, Abec and El Monarcha. I was really shocked but Gina did very well today. I was worried that after her performance on GMR yesterday she'd be weak today. Well, when I went to air up her tires this morning, I found the rear brake had been dragging on the rim. Hm, this could have been part of her problem yesterday. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Today she was flying so I'm thinking she got a good resistance training ride yesterday ha ha!

So today we actually did a good pace to the coast. Gina was feeling good so I held the pace a high as I could into the wind heading to the coast. I figured most of the work was over but that was when Jeff and Angie rolled up on their tandem. I figured we'd do what we could but if they were too fast, we'd just let them go. But Jeff had a plan to hang back with us today nursing his hi cramp. That was fine and dandy till another tandem rolled up onto the trail, then it was on! The second tandem rolled by us at a high rate so J&A kept pace. Next thing I know we're doing 25 and Gina is still there ha ha!

Further down the road I'm trying to keep up for some footage but the pair of tandems are holding 27 mph. Riding with one hand and recording with the other, just too tough. So I look back and the group is a little behind. I slow up then they quickly catch up. Up the road I notice J&A are holding back waiting for us. Cool, Gina is a little ways back but not far so I sit up. Next thing I know she's on top of us. I guess Abec fell back to wait for her, then she rode his wheel back up to the group at a good clip.

The other tandem is gone but once again we are on J&A's tandem wheel. I figured Gina would fall back quickly after burning energy to catch back up but she didn't. Dang, let's keep it rolling. Again at a good clip we eventually roll back up onto the other tandem. It's on a again! We're only a couple miles form the end of the ride so Gina says go ahead for some more tandem love footage. Next thing I know J&A are at the front flying again. The other tandem take a wheel as well as the others in our little group sans Gina. Plenty of accelerations and sprints going on. Everybody did great! Abec, El Monarcha and Aimee was a surprise. I knew she was Strong but keeping up at those speeds, sheesh! Gina finished a couple of minutes behind us so wow, what a good day on the bike for her. Everybody was kicking butt today! It was our highest average speed in some time so Gina was happy.

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  1. Hey, I recognize those jerseys with "GRRR" emblazed along the sides. Those are Glendora Ridge Road Riders! At the beach! Heck, Beanz you have seen Ray Clone more than I have this year. What great rides everyone has! The weather was perfect this weekend.