Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Claremont Hills Wilderness Park 10/19/11


No names wish I could but to protect the identity and PM's saying "Give it to me! Give it to me!"

I make videos because I like to document my rides and entertain the troops when I can. Although at times I have my drill sergeant ways of trying to motivate riders, every so often someone sees that it's motivation and not to degrade others. As mentioned, I have my style!:p

Well one poster kindly offered to donate a video recorder valued at $270'ish to the Beanz Video Organization while mentioning that I have motivated him to ride. He somewhat said he sees it as an investment in his own riding.

Wow Man! Sometimes I post videos wondering why I waste my time but then someone gives me words of encouragement or kudos in various forms.

My videos aren't to everyone's taste but it's nice to know some appreciate them.

Thanks Dude, but I couldn't accept something like that! You're too generous!


OK, I know I'm too old to use the "H" word but the Hotties were out on CHWP today. I did two loops. First one I do non stop to get in my exercise. Second one is a poser loop. Even though I stop, I still get a workout setting up the tripod and doing hill repeats. Set up, ride down, ride up, then back down to get the Flip. This adds and additional mile+ to the ride.

First lady I spoke with was on the steepest section of the first loop. Not much of a chance to warm up so I was hoping she wouldn't pass my out of breath panting arse ha ha! Gina and I have actually walked by a couple of struggling MTB'ers on this section, it hurts!

On the second loop, I ran into a couple of Hotties near the top. I had setup my tripod when they came up from behind. I said, "wave to the camera" but I'm thinking they missed it. But they were cool! I told them of my cycling adventures for a couple of minutes while trying to catch my breath so I'm sure they thought I was a nut!

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  1. Look at all the sun and bright daylight. I am sitting in an office with no windows. It sure looks good out there to me.