Monday, October 10, 2011

This is Why I Love Trek.....New Frame Arrived (10/10)

Cool deal! I was on the road driving my truck when I got the call. Like a good cyclist and driver, I pulled over to the side of the road to answer my phone. Park and truck engine off ha ha! It was Victor from Jax in Claremont where I had made my "broken Lemond" claim. Holy smokes, a Madone! I went from all aluminum to partial carbon to full carbon. From an $1100 Tourmalet to the frame of a Chambery ($2100 bike) then to a Madone 4.7 ($3100 bike). Thanks Victor for hooking me up with some good friendly service!

Being a dude from the poor side of the track, my money means plenty to me. So when I spend dough on a bike, it's got to be covered. Other than the "fits like a glove" feeling I got with my first Trek back in 96, I love the "lifetime" warranty. I ride my bikes every chance I get so knowing stuff happens, I want to be covered. Being a big dude I figured aluminum was the right choice back in the day. But after 13,000 miles, my first Lemond snapped. Bummer but Trek replaced it and upgraded the frame free of charge. 14,000 miles later, this Chambery frame snapped. Bummer but it wasn't he carbon that snapped, again, at one of the very minimal sections constructed of aluminum. OK, now I'm bummed because if I get a full aluminum frame, I just might sell it and buy an old steel bike as a beater. I keep my Cannondale as an organized ride bike because it's outfitted with better components.

But hey, this one is full carbon, I'll give it a try! Since I am past that "lighter bikes are faster on the climbs", I will switch the wheels around from my Cannondale to the Trek so that the colors match but I will use the same components till they wear, then upgrade if needed. But other than that, I'll just ride the darn thing without weight and speed concerns. So no fancy stuff going on here. Heck, I'll still be the dude rolling up GMR with Deep V's and Armadillos even though it's full carbon.

Well either way, I'm riding it and I'll find out for myself if carbon lasts under big guys! I do need to get a headset and new cables so it will be a couple of weeks to build but I'm in no rush.

Plus, let me say thanks to a forum member who I won't name (I think he's somewhat shy cause he avoids pics and videos ha ha!) But the other day I received a few messages asking if he could help in any way as he had some friends in high places. They don't tell me much at the shop but if the member had a hand in it, thanks a million! Thanks your friends and most of all, thanks to Trek for standing behind their word. I've never had a hassle making a claim and have been treated like gold in the end! Last time it was BikeDork lending a hand (he had connections at the time), this time, unless he wants his name revealed, I won't but thanks for anything you did to help out.

Thank you Trek! I have several Trek bikes and as original owner of them all, I really appreciate the lifetime warranty and most of all, happy that you stand behind your words! I know I keep coming out on top!

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  1. Armadillos on full carbon--I like your style, sir!