Saturday, October 8, 2011

GMR 10/8/11

A beautiful day up GMR. Couldn't ask for a nicer day. Hillbasher, Gina and I ran into Genaro at the parking lot. A short chat and a "I'll try to keep up with you" then he was gone in a flash ha ha! Never did see him again so he must have went down and around East Fork. Gina had a tough time today but I was able to talk her up without too much of a fight. She's getting better at handling "bad days". Talking on the way home she did say she prefers to ride in the early evening as the mornings just don't allow her to warm up. Could be very true as last evening ride, she rolled right up with a smile.

Near the shack we ran into GMR and Matt. Few friendly words then we were off. By this time, Gina was a the shack waiting with a smile. Resting at the Monroe Truck Trail saddle our buddy Jason rolled up. A few stories about his Everest Challenge race. Wow, sounds cool and he did very well, won first in the CAT 4's. Well I got tired just thinking of all the preparation rides he did for the race. Thank goodness it was all downhill from the shack ha ha!

Part of the conversation with Matt was Hillbasher's topic wondering what the record is for most consecutive days up GMR. Matt has done 5, wonder about FryDaddy's number?

OH SNOT!!!! I had a pic of GMR and Matt but accidentally deleted it, sorry.

I stole this top picture from Hillbasher's blog! ;)


  1. It was good to see you up there today!

  2. Dang Jason, you are one bad dude! ;-)

  3. Cute! Mommy and Daddy match! You're a bad dude 2, dad!