Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fitty Mile Tandem SART

Actually 51 miles @ 17.4 on the tandem today. Nice beautiful day, sunny but a cool breeze. At one point I was almost cold. Felt like 75, another freezing winter like day her in California ha ha ha! :-P

Started the ride off with Mike, Jose, Ron & Dixie. Dixie hadn't been on the bike for a couple of months, maybe more. She had a medical scare and thank goodness it wasn't the dreaded C word. So it was nice to see her back out there with Ron. They did a portion of the ride with us then went their own way. I did manage to get a coup;e of stills from their recorders and it's nice to see your own image once in a while. Plus Dixie was kind enough to use exercise her photography skills on my camera for a shot of Gina and I at a rest stop.

Later on in the ride we stopped at Edna Park for our usual stop. Up rolled some dude that calls himself "Q". He's a double century rider. Very friendly guy! We had a good chat then we headed off. He asked if we mind that he sit on our wheels for a bit, no problem. It's always great when someone asks IMO vs the guy who sucks your wheel for 15 miles then sprints around the last `100 yards, I hate that! We were holding a pretty good pace on the tandem and I thought he was behind us the whole time but somewhere along the line he pulled a cramp. Some time after we hit the beach stop he rolled up and stopped to chat again. I guess he has a bunch of doubles already so he was telling about the whole deal. He told that holding the pace we did into the headwind that we were ready for some doubles on the tandem. I had never thought of that! I have and still think I will do the triple crown someday but on the tandem? That would be cool! MY eyes lit up and for a few seconds there I had a plan in my head. But then Gina reminded me of the medical problems from which her sons suffer. Oh yeah, organized rides and organized training are out wit the many unplanned hospital stays. Oh well, it was a cool thought for a few minutes.

                                             Ron & Dixie joined us for a portion of the ride.

                                                        Photography by Dixie!

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