Sunday, August 28, 2016

Steve Called Me A Dou@#e Bag ??? Here's A Good Idea !

OK so here is a good idea for ya! If you can't drop a guy into the wind, if you're not bigger, stronger, can't kick his ass, or not even willing to man up, then don't call a guy a douche bag while he's riding the opposite way cause he will catch  you in the wind and confront you ha ha!

So this is the moron, haven't got his name yet but I am working on it. Sometimes I wonder if he is a jealous forum member who doesn't like me because I have lots of cycling friends and he is the arrogant obnoxious prick type of personality. ;-)


Having many friends on the trail, I now know the guy's real name is Steve. ;-)

A little history:  Some time  back (about a year?) I was riding with a small group containing maybe 3 women. I had been in front the entire time and was controlling the pace, we weren't racing. You know me, holding a pace Gina can handle. So we catch this guy and he hops on the back, He sucks wheel for along while then sprints around. Yes another Stanley Sprinter type ha ha! Of course he fades and we pass him again. So he ends up looking like his is giving it his all to pass us and stay ahead. I've got 3 women with me so maybe his macho ego got to him and he couldn't face the fact that he isn't the alpha male ha ha! We end leaving his ass along the trail somewhere. We've seen him a few times at the beach stop and he never chatted with us. But he did sit near and stick his funky ears into our conversation. Did he have a problem with me? I dunno! Never said anything, never a word! I'm thinking he could be a forum member who doesn't care for my friendliness with other riders and jealous because he has the arrogant obnoxious personality that keeps him friendless.

So another time Gina and I are riding back and pass the guy. He says something as we roll by. Gina tells me he said something but not sure what he said, maybe something about GMR as he was sitting near as we spoke of riding GMR. another time we cross paths heading opposite directions and he says something. This time I would almost bet he called me a douche bag. But I am a little puzzled so I let it slide. A third time I see him same situation and again I could swear he is shouted douche bag once again. It was windy and so I am not certain of what he said so I can't make a big deal about it.

Today on our return leg I see 3 riders coming the opposite direction. 2 guys side by side and this HE Man sucking their wheels. Lodged between the two trying to get the most out of his usual wheel sucking practice. What he doesn't know is that the 2 riders a foot or two ahead of him shield the wind and the idiot shouts, "DOUCHE BAG!!!". This time it is as clear as day.                                             

So as we are rolling away I ask Gina if she heard that, yup! I told her I was going back to give him a piece of my mind. She says OK! By the time I turn around they are far ahead of me but the dude pissed me off so I'm going to catch him! 3/4 of a stretch ahead of me but I gave it my all and bang, caught his ass right after he fell off the other 2 riders.    

So I pull up on his side, inches away from the guy and shout," IS THERE SOMETHING YOU WANT TO SAY TO ME THAT YOU'RE TOO SCARED TO SAY TO MY FACE??!!". He says no and I say," YEAH I HEARD YOU THIS TIME AND IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING TO ME HERE I AM! CALL ME A DOUCHE BAG TO MY FACE WHILE I'M HERE YOU P#$$Y ASS B!T@#!.  I'm inches away from him in case he decided to get stupid and try to take me down somehow. If I go down, you're going with me and I'm landing on top ha ha!    He says he didn't say anything and I said yes you did, you called me a DB. He says in a wussy type voice, "no sir I didn't say anything.".  The wuss wouldn't even man up! So I shouted at him, WELL IF YOU EVER WANT TO CALL ME A NAME, BE MAN ENOUGH TO SAY IT TO MY FACE YOU LITTLE PU$$Y A$$ B!TCH!". 

Then I backed off and turned around. I was about 50 yards away from some dudes standing on the side of the road. I didn't notice them till I had turned around. I started back to catch Gina but right as I approached their hangout, one dude said, "damn dude, I thought you were going to F#@k him up! He was scared ha ha! You sounded pissed and I could see that dude was really scared!". SO I stopped and I said, oh so you heard that eh?". Yup! So I asked him if I could take his picture. That way if anybody had any doubts of the event they could stop by and ask him how it went down ha ha! He said he would tell them exactly what he saw, me shouting at the bitch and him being really scared ha ha! He was cool so I chatted with him and his buddy for a bit. I asked his permission to take his pic cause he looked like somebody who might be wanted by the law. He got a chuckle out of that then we had a few laughs about the wuss I just confronted ha ha!

Another little edit: I forgot to add in the write up. Maybe 6 months ago we were leaving the coast with Gina and Aimee. We passed the guy and he tried to keep up with us. I actually slowed the pace so that he could keep up. He did for a bit but the pace set by Gina and Aimee got too hot and he fell back. I tried to slow the pace some more so that he could catch back on but he couldn't. Heck we had to go cause Gina and Aimee were getting restless trying to hold the pace down! :-P

Now a little note to that puss! If I see you roll up at my beach stop, I'm going to confront you again in front of everybody so they can see what a little bitch you are! Let's see if you have grown any balls or if you have learned your lesson that you don't talk trash to guys who can beat you down with one arm,......HA!.........HA!

So anyway, back to my ride. 33 miles with Gina (15.7 average). Tried to hold the pace down some trying to relax.   Near the start we ran into Ron (PinoyBntr) so I snapped a few pictures of him on his low trike.       A few River Velo boys, Bad Bob and Greg flybys but other than that, just a plain ol boring ride ha ha!    

Did have a lady approach me at the coast asking if I wanted to help save Banning Ranch. She said is would stop a lot of new traffic which seems important to cyclist so I told her I would post it on my blog in case others were interested as I am not a local douche bag ha ha!

Funny thing after all was said and done. Gina rarely says anything about anybody but she did ask, "you mean he had the balls to call you a name but when you asked him he denied it? Wow, I mean he should have at least manned up! That is really chicken shit, doesn't mean he has to fight you or anything but he could have at least manned up! Wow he must have really been scared to lose his balls like that ha ha!".

Her comes Ron!

OK, so I'm a booty man!

Bye Ron!

I like when she does that! :-P

Darn beach cruisers getting in the way!

Kind of creepy dude. Gin and I just cruising pass the guy and he takes her wheel. We're just getting some alone time doing a chill pace and he won't BE GONE! I even pulled over and waved him on but he slowed too. Umm OK! SO we just rolled on with this guy ruining our alone time together for the next 5 miles or so till that moron called me a DB! :-P

Ah my witness! If that wussy guy says he wasn't shitting his chamois, ask this guy if you  run into him. I told him I go by Mr. Beanz in case he ever has to verify my story ha ha!


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tour De Homeless

Wow SART is filled with homeless camps now. Pretty sad! No I myself don't feel bad for them. I've had stupid idiots stand on the side of the road and shout obscene things at us as we ride by, yeah the women too! I've had idiots throw things down at us from up along the banks of the camps. I've had an idiot dart out at us trying to scare us as we ride by. You know what can happen to a rider who crashes at a decent speed? Broken bones! No I don't want to see Gina or Aimee with a broken collarbone or broken leg. I've known people who look exactly like the guys and gals we see out there. Not bad look people looking for a better life. More like the bullies who turn out to be drug addicts who started young and could never grow up.

I heard that a 2 mile section on the opposite side of the trail was closed down. Sadly we see people delivering food to them and encouraging them to gather on the trail. I see that they mean well but once the leave, the trail is covered in trash, thrown food, and piss from those who feel the need to relieve themselves after a good meal. One camp smells so bad I have to literally hold my breath as we ride through.

Yeah, looking for a better life? That is why we smell marijuana and who knows what when we pass through. Not only do the homeless gather there but they attract the thugs from the local area. You see young punks hanging around dealing with the homeless. They hide in little covered up sections of the underpass doing drugs, performing sexual acts and God knows what. Yes, I once rode under one of the passes only to notice 2 grown men performing sexual acts on one another.

Now I ask myself how can the people who go feed them causing them to gather in those areas feel about the many female riders who are out there trying to enjoy some good healthy exercise? Not long ago there were maybe 15 -20 homeless people out there. Now thanks to those people who feed them and encourage them to gather here, last I heard there were as many as 500 homeless. No not all nice guys, drugs sex, dealing, harassing, and the list goes on!

Pretty sick and no I don't feel for any of them! If anything I think people should go out there with signs and protest against those delivering food to them. They let their dogs run loose, they piss on the trail, they toss debris on the trail, they break bottles on the trail in an attempt to cause flats for the riders, they shout obscene things at riders and they have no regard at all for safety of those around them. Heck, I saw one dude beating the hell out of another homeless guy last week. No I wouldn't help the guy. In my mind, that may discourage that guy from showing up again. That is one less homeless threat on the trail.

OK back to my ride. 44 miles at 16.6 average speed. Tried to take some nice pictures but seems there is a homeless trash camp in the background of every shot! :-(

Just hate it! Airing up the tires and dropping the steel floor pump on the foot. 10 minutes later there is                a bruise along with the small cut. Now that is going to be annoying on the ride!

Oh wow, Yorba Linda and no homeless in the background!

Orangewood, under the road and across the other side (far side of pass).

Nice homeless camp background

Far side of the trail across from Angel Stadium

Mile or so down the road.

Lady was feeling cheeky today!

Thugs gathering at a homeless area.  If anyone has seen this they know there is about 200 bike parts stacked next to the cement wall. How is this allowed? WTF do homeless guys need like hundreds of  trashed bikes/parts for?

Under the 22, smelly stinky crappy tunnel.

I thought this would be a nice shot at the end of our ride. When I viewed it at home, I noticed another homeless camp across the way!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

SART Sunday

45 miles at 16.5 average (Garmin). Started the ride with Jose and Gina. Blasted 58 hour work weeks in steel toe boots really made my legs feel the fatigue today. Well on the first 10 miles or so. It was hard to get the legs rolling but once they warmed up I was cool. Rolling to the coast into the wind we picked up a few guys. I had pulled the entire way so I was happy that I could catch anybody today. We passed a few dudes and they hopped on. Of course as always none offered help and were happy to just sit on a wheel. But it was cool later when Gina told me one dude pulled up to her and said, "he's strong!". OK, you can draft me then ha ha!

Then we ran into Ron and Dixie at the coast. Joaquin as well. We all headed back together with Ron and Dixie at the front. It sure was nice to sit on a wheel for once ha ha! They pulled for a few miles then I took the front. We all stayed together pretty well except for the last mile or so. Gina really got tired but again, hey I was happy cause this was the second ride in over a month and she did very well throughout so she eared to right to get tired at the end ha ha! Me, I was getting tired too but I think my butt hurt more than anything else! Not having the saddle time really makes a difference when it comes to butt comfort ha ha!

All the OT money is nice though. I have about 4 spare Conti GP4000 11's in my stash right now. But a discount code in the email I think I will be ordering 4 more right after I finish posting this ha ha! With the rate we have been riding lately, this stash ought to last me a couple of years  he he he!


4 Conti GP40002 tires (2 twinpacks), one large Camelback podium bottle and one small. $117 with the code for 20% off the tires, free shipping. Not bad eh!? ;-)  BTW the code is good till tomorrow (Monday) code (TYRES20).

I might be able to make a few bucks off this one if I can find the right site ha ha!

Just looking for different angles.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Me No Ride Long Time

Well today I escaped, well semi escaped. Up at 2;45 am to make a 4 am start time at work.  4hours in the boss says I can take off if I like. Yeah baby! Don't waste the time so I run home wake up Gina, get the bikes ready and go for a ride.

Only a 36 miler but I was happy Gina could hold a 16.5 average with me seeing we haven't been on the bikes in about a month now. Felt windy both ways so I think the average is pretty good!

Did see Bad Bob heading the opposite direction alone (heading away from the beach). Then a good time later we see Greg heading to the beach. Talk about a late start ha ha!

Seemed like there were a lot of people at the beach but no bikinis. Sorry guys I tried for ya! I did capture this one chick. She looked better from the front but when she came back the opposite way, she had just changed her suit. Damn! :-P

So all the overtime money makes it possible to whatever bike stuff you want. I wanted a new equipment bag and I got one about 3 weeks ago. Just working so much I haven't had a chance to use it ha ha! Oh well, the little things that make us happy!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Dinner with Forum Member Phoenix (The Chef)

One of the originals from back in the day when I started on the Love Forum back in 2002 (?). Neil is from Windsor Ca (up North near Sacramento/Frisco area, not exactly sure). We met once before for breakfast when he rolled by on one of his road trips to AZ to visit friends. This time he was once headed to AZ again but stopped by for dinner. He was 3 hours late but I guess that's OK. I have to get up at 3:30 am but hey, who needs more than 4 hours sleep ha ha! He had told me his expected travel time and at the time I thought he was miscalculating but who am I to burst his bubble ha ha! SO he was behind his original schedule but he still made into town by 7:15 or so. We ate dinner and hung out for a while. Had a great time chatting with Neil. first time we met he was really quiet but he opened up this time and we had some fun!

Of course once he made buds with the waiter he didn't need us anymore. Waiter was cool, second time serving us. First was about 3 months ago but he remembered us! So yes I had to give him his spot in the video as well he he he!

Last time Neil brought us a bottle of wine. Now he knows we are not much into wine he brought us a bottle of his home grown/ home made hot sauce. Yes the we do consume, a lot of it ha ha!

Anyway it was real cool getting together with Neil again. Only wish we had more time. The  nearly 3 hours we spent at the restaurant felt like 30 minutes. Oh how time flies when  you're having fun!

                                                                              The video

Monday, August 1, 2016

What happens in Vegas......

What happens in Vega stays in Vegas! Ain't that what they say? Well I got a Saturday off and I "thought" about riding ha ha! Buuuut! Something told me we should head out of town, Gina didn't argue. A Spontaneous trip to Vegas for the day.

Gina had a lot of fun! Of course no reservations and there were rooms available at places like Luxor and NY NY but can you believe those bastards wanted $450-$500! Uhh no thanks! Ended up at Hooter's Casino and Hotel. Kind of ghetto but I felt at home like I was with family, well my family ha ha! So we roamed around the strip for a while. Picked up lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe. Surely I had to get another hat and t shirt!

Hit up Freemont St later in the evening. I like the crazy people and the bands. Enjoyed a couple of those big margaritas while we walked around. Got pretty hot while we were there. Saw one sign that said 109 Dees Grees! Pretty hot on Freemont St too later in the eve. We headed back to Hooters so that we cold be inside and of course, a couple more drinks he he he!

I'm not a gambler but Gina likes to play the slots. As soon as she sat down she hit for $146. Within 5 minutes that's great. But 7 minutes later she put it all back in and another 20! Seemed like all the casinos really sucked that day. Later she played some more and soon was down $200. Oh well she had fun while she played. Me? It kills me to lose $200 and think of how many tires I could have bought at Ribble or PBK ha ha! So I just close my eyes when she plays and pretend I don't see but I'd never do it myself. But we had fun Saturday night hanging out in the casino till about 3:30 am.

But it was worth it just to sit there and watch Gina play. She gets so silly when she drinks so that was my entertainment ha ha!

The trip home really sucked! Left about 11:30 and didn't get home till about 6:00 Stupid bumper to bumper most the way back. Well we did stop at the Alien Beef jerky place. Had to get my souvenir t shirt ha ha!

We had planned to get home a bit early and maybe take my parents out to dinner. But with all the delays and traffic and knowing my parents move like 1/4 speed, I knew it would take forever and we had to go to work the next day so I said screw it and drove on through to West Covina to hit up Northwoods Inn. Gina loves lobster so it was another little treat for the weekend!

I swear I am going to get back on my bike soon but these 10 hour shifts and working Saturdays makes it hard not to take full advantage of the little time I get off.

                                          State line. Gina wanted a ticket from the Lotto store but
                                  the line was allllll the way around the building. Forget that!

Moment after check in, what shall we do?

Pose , that's what! :-P

Later in the eve, blowing her whistle!

Hard Rock Cafe. That's when I knew I had to get her some beads for my own entertainment. :-P

Couple of big ones!

Northwoods waiting to be seated for dinner

Steak and Lobster

The salads