Saturday, September 29, 2012

Uneventful Solo Ride on SART 9/29

Well Gina had bidniss to take care of today so I had a chance to ride alone, so I did. Trail was every empty but nice. I figured there had to be  big organized ride going on somewhere. The Grand Fondo now that I remember. Either way, the trial was empty.

Very uneventful day, I did see Ron & Dixie a couple of times, actually three times. I don't think they saw me at Yorba Park watering up my bottles. I saw Alex2 there. cutting his ride short today. 65 is a short ride for Alex ha ha! I saw Jeff & Angie but other than that, almost a ghost town. After the ride I ran into Mark, Tammy & Alan at the parking area. It was kind of strange riding alone after spending so much time on the bike with Gina. I must bore myself cause I didn't take one pic or get one video clip on this ride ha ha!

I headed out to Green River from the Leaky Fountain, to the coast and back for 61 miles. I have an organized event next weekend so I wanted to do my rid today with limited stop time. 61 miles @ 16.9 average with only 13 minutes of stop time. Not bad but I did forget to pick up an energy bar last night and I didn't feel like stopping at any of the Quick marts around so I just passed on the energy bar. Felt pretty good throughout the ride but the hungry feeling on the last 5 miles told me I should have downed a little sup'm sup'm!

Trying to limit my stops, I only stopped a couple of times for water and to mix some Gatorade via powder. Only once to wee wee but still added up to 13 minutes even though it felt like I didn't stop at all. I guess I'm just a slow tinkler ha ha!

Getting ready for the ride next week I figured I'd clean up my bike and put on the new rear tire for a test ride tomorrow (make sure the tire has no defects). On the last mile I ran over a huge wad of gum. So now I have gum strings all over my bike, what a mess! Brake calipers front and back, both rims, BB area and guide, front tire,  front and rear spokes. To the person who tossed the gum on the trail, I hate you and you have a big mouth ha ha ha!

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