Saturday, January 19, 2013

SART 1/19/13

Wow, what a day! Beautiful day, about 80 and lots of friends out on bikes.   Didn't think we'd say many of our friends but seems they were all out there today. Ran into a few River Velo Boyz at the Honda Center.  We were just starting our ride when they came rolling by (after a break). They were rolling pretty well into the wind so hey, we hopped on figuring I could get some footage. We turned around at Imperial then headed back to the coast with  the usual wind shift near the halfway point. Big wind to Imperial then a big wind on the last 10 miles to the coast.

Mark and Gail were at the coast when we arrived. Along with Marcello, George and their buddy Antonio. If you want to be friend with these guys, you have to survive the initiation ride of 80 miles or so ha ha! Then joined Jeff & Angie, Herb & Alyce, LewisAClark, Alex2, Henry and Nancy, and finally Tammy & Alan. Good group today and a nice big picture ha ha!

We tried to head back together but too many levels so everyone did their own thing and I tried to get some footage. I must say Nancy has been doing some serious riding during the week while planning for a big tour this summer. Nancy started slow leaving the coast but did end up passing us somewhere along the line. Wow, she's ready to roll! I believe their tour is a couple thousand miles, I think she's ready!

Oh, Gina and I finally got a chance to wear our Clyde/Athena jerseys while riding the tandem. She was pretty happy wearing it!


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