Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tandem SART

Nice 41 mile  tandem ride with Gina on Sunday. Started with Jose then quickly ran into Jose so we ended up doing a portion of the ride with Jose & Jose. Sounds like a musical group ha ha! It QUICKLY got windy as soon as we turned around at Imperial. Nice big headwind to the coast. About  6 miles form the coast Jose volunteered to do the pull, who am I to argue? He was looking strong so we just sat behind him and enjoyed the ride.

At the coast we ran into Lucas and his sidekick Brad Pitt. Lucas mentioned that maybe I could photo chop his head with somebody good looking. He also joked about having a big head but really, I had a hard time fitting George's bigger head into the pic ha ha! Had another chance to visit with Steve the skate champ. Dude is 73 years old and for his birthday skate, he did 73 miles. 8 plus hours! 73, hey I love to skate but when I'm 73, I'll be lucky if I can stand on skates ha ha! This dude at 73 still has a few races scheduled for the next few months. I maybe wrong but I believe one is in Texas somewhere. My aging memory!

We hung out at the coast because it was sunny. The entire ride was cloudy and cool but once we hit the coast, the sun shined! I didn't really want to leave but  we had to get back having dinner plans with the parents. Figures, as soon as we mount the bikes, the sun faded blah! But it was a nice ride back. Alyce did great today. Yesterday under the weather but today she was good. One thing about cycling, you can feel bad and not have a good ride then the next, ride like a superhero ha ha!

Sunday was much emptier on the trail compared to Saturday. We did run across Steve & Laura on their tandem . Got in a shout but when Genaro rolled by, it took a couple seconds before I realized. Having dark shades and not being able to see the lady killer eyes threw me off. Sadly I didn't have the recorder on when they went by so no I missed them on video.

Some people think the music should match the video footage but sometimes I just use a song cause I freakin' like it ha ha!

Jose 1 and Jose 2

                                               Matching jerseys and helmets, we're twins!

                                73 year old Steve, birthday skate couple months back of 73 miles, WOW!

                                            Ran into a couple celebs, George C. and Brad P


                                                 Pic for a friend, he knows who  ha ha!

                                                 Herb throwing down the Mac Daddy !

                                                 They stopped long enough for a smile

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