Sunday, April 28, 2013

SART Sunday 4/2/12

Well Gina had plans again so I had a chance to ride with Aimee today. Not as breezy today but still a good headwind. At one point I moved over to let Aimee take the front figuring I could take a break. She ended up doing a huge monster pull through the windy section of the trail. Cool, I just sat back there and tried to hold on cause Aimee is a powerhouse! Worked pretty well together so it was a good ride to the coast. At the coast we ran into The Legend Greg then Tony who rode up a couple minutes later. We all started back together but about 1/2 mile from the coast, some dude goes flying by on a recumbent. The guy was moving maybe 25 and I know Tony likes to go fast so he gave chase after the guy had a good 50 yards. Yeah, Tony is fast and he did blow by the recumbent not long after giving chase. I'd seen this bent guy before on the trail so I told Greg I'm pretty sure we'll pass the guy down the road somewhere as we were doing a good pace as well. Not he 25 he was holding as he blew by, but we were good. Sure enough we rode by the guy at the soccer fields the the took our wheels for a while. Sure enough, after he recovered he went around and raced off again. By this time our ride was pretty much over though. I will say though, I know why the call Greg The Legend now. We rode pretty much side by side and he was cruising at a good clip while I was working trying to keep up ha ha!

I did see Octico on the side of the road talking with one of is team mates. Looking good buddy! I did only snap one picture today, actually a day of more riding than recording ha ha!

I have some footage, hopefully I can piece together a weekend ride video later.


                                                               The Legend

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