Monday, May 27, 2013

SART 5/27/13

Bummer, didn't have enough for a video. ;-(

Hey, a bikini that matches Jose's bike ha ha!

                                           Thanks Gina for this one guys! I thought they looked
                                           kind of young but she says they look well over 18 and
                                           this is probably what guys like.

                                                            Jose enjoying the beach

                                                 Event the hockey players were out today

                                         Just a nice pic and who am I to deny you guys eye candy!

                                                               On the way back


  1. Hey Beanz,

    First off sorry to leave a off topic comment but bikeforum wont let me send PMs with my post count lol

    I've been reading a bunch of threads on tires and psi etc, i came across a thread with you saying you run 700x23 and it looked like you are running GP4000S, you said also in the thread you're around 230-260 i am currently 250..

    what PSI do you run on your tires? i am currently using Vittoria Zaffipio and i inflate them to about 120, ive never gotten a flat or pinch flat or anything but today i notices stress cracks in the tire wall

  2. No problem! I do run Conti GP4000's and do run them at 120 psi. I have run my tires at 120 for the last 15 years with no problems at weights from 220- 270. Sadly the 270 is my current weight ha ha but still no problems at 120 psi. I've never used Vittoria tires but haven't experienced any sidewall cracks with the 4000's but one of several did split on the sidewall ridden by Gina. Why? I am not sure if she hit something or it just split. Was couple years back though, nothing similar since. ;-)