Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot SART 6/29/13

Well it was hot but cold! Supposed to hit 105 but the high on my Garmin said about 102 on the bike. Very hot and dry at Imperial but once we got to the cost, it was 75 at the lowest point that I saw. Pretty darn ugly but cool. Gina was actually cold on Sunday. I was expecting nice sunny weather at the coast but the ugly sky made for dark video. No shiny oily skin in this flick, but hey!

We did run into Mark on the way to the coast. Hadn't seen him in a while but he hung with us on the way and did some pulling into the BIG headwind. Alex2 and Tony later appeared at the coast. Tony was in rare form and headed back with us. Rare form? I've never seen the guy do less than 25 mph on his bike. He actually held it down to 21 ha ha!

Fla tire demons were after me this weekend. After an earlier Saturday ride, I was sitting at my computer about 8 pm when I hear a strange noise, somewhat of a hiss. OK I look back but nothing there. Our bikes are kept in the computer room, my man cave. Thirty seconds there's a very loud long hiss. I jump out of the chair and look back, must be that huge snake from the movie Anaconda. Takes a few seconds to realize it's my tire. Darn! Strange puncture on the inside of the tube at a spoke hole dimple in the rim strip. Pretty good size hole so I put on the magnifying glasses and flashlight but find nothing. Hmm, maybe something got trapped somehow but nothing there now. R&R the tube and all seems fine. This is the front wheel.

Well it was fine till Sunday's ride. Guess what, back flat! Darn again! So we had plans to ride down PCH for a bit but the wind was killing Gina so we headed back to our usual rest stop traveling along the heavily populated beach trail along the sand. Gina and Jose are ahead of me then I feel something rough on the back of my bike. Darn it, I got a flat! I stop but they keep going. I stop and start the repair and figure the two might realize I am missing. The rest stop is about a mile away. Gina eventually comes back looking for me and coaches me through the repair. ;-)

Strange how that works, no a single flat for months then 2 within a few hours.

Please don't watch if you are allergic to skin! ;-)

OK, all I can say is this dude must be afraid of his gal. Girl had a banging body, 
in lace panties, not swimwear ( she removed skin suit), everything popping out the side, and when she walks by this dude, he doesn't look. Maybe he's afraid of getting smacked. I think Gina would smack me if I didn't look ha ha! (Oops, had to redo pic, had 2 same poses)


Girl had nice a really nice even tan

                                                        Patriotic boobs are ready for the 4th


This gal had the most sun burned boobs I've ever seen in my life.
OUCH that has got to hurt!

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