Sunday, August 11, 2013

SART 8/11/13

Nice 42 miler with Gina and Jose. After all the GMR rides the trail feels much nicer like a recovery ride. I figure Gina would be tired after a good climb the previous day but she's actually looking better and feeling better on the trail after every GMR ride.  Except that she's had a bad leg weekend ha ha! Something bit her on the ankle yesterday while sitting at the shack. She had a little bump but she says it hurt and swore it was a Brown Recluse spider. A little dramatic but I think she's just wanting some attention like I had when my face was all FUBAR ha ha!

Today we stopped at the little landing across from Edna Park because I wanted to check something on my bike. She pulled up onto the wood deck, placed her foot down then lost traction and fell over landing flat on her back. Yeah I am a bad guy now cause I shouted "save the bike!". Well she has a small bruise on her ankle but said she could finish the ride after a short break. By the time we got to the coast she swore it was the size of a basketball. I had to agree to make up for saving the bike but I did get a picture of the bruise on her ankle. Wow, look at the size of that thing, I hope they don't have to amputate ha ha! ;-P

                                   We did run into Ron and Dixie. Always nice to chat with them.

                                Look at the basketball sized bruise on her ankle. That little blue thing,
                                                            right there, look real close.

                                               Nice day at the coast, the runners were out!

                                        Look at the basketball sized, err Oops wrong picture!
                                                 She looks sad, somebody cheer her up!

                                                 OK, I'm not gonna lie, she had a nice tan!

                           Gina suffering through the pain of the Brown Recluse and broken ankle!

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