Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunday No Ride BUT!!!!!!

Took the day off from riding to work on the truck. I had mentioned the break down to Alan last weekend when we showed up in Gina's car. I told him all the "replace engine" advice I got from local mechanics. I will say the engine light was on and 4 years ago we spent $600 to fix and and the mechanic did all kinds of stuff and could not get the code to erase. Let's say I was not happy and had a few words with the mechanics.

So since then the code would not not erase and I've been screwed. So with this breakdown I figure it's time to rebuild the engine after hearing it so many times by mechanics. But after speaking with Alan, he says maybe it's the crankshaft position sensor, pretty common failure. I'm doubtful but he suggests I use his code reader to check it. Heck, he lends me the reader and we take him and Tammy for a burger, fair trade. I hook the sucker up and BAM! Code P0335, exactly what Alan said, crankshaft position sensor.

I read online sombody paid $200+ for the replacement. The part is $65 and like other thins, I can  do it myself if I watch a couple of you tube videos. So I get the part, slap it in then BAMMO! Engine starts right up! YEEEEEHAW!

No $2500 repair and the truck is running better than before! So I'll drive it local for a while to make sure it stays that way to avoid getting stranded although we have the AAA 100 mile tow plan. Either way, mechanics piss me off! Just about everyone says, you need a new engine, $2500 and none will tell ya, "hey, check the sensor". A little bit of a dirty job but once you locate the sensor, no biggie, worth saving a few grand! ;-)

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