Sunday, March 24, 2013

SART Solo to the Pier

If you don't want to see some T&A, don't watch this video. Of course there will be a couple of lonely old bags that will complain, that is why this video is here ha ha! ;-)

OK, this is a lil favor for someone, you know  who you is ha ha! She rode by while the recorder was on so I extracted these stills for you ha ha! Oh, and the video footage of this shot will be in slo-mo. ;-)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Windy SART 3/10/13

Pics for now, I spent my time loading videos for Go Pro to show them what kind of junk the Go Pro 3 has turned to to be. First I had pink videos with my original recorder. They replaced the recorder under warranty and now the replacement recorder is showing pink streaks first time out on the bike. Yeah, it's fun wasting my bike time having to contact them and load videos from their junky recorder. So I'll post my video later!

Wow, what a windy ride! With the time change I set the alarm clock a bit late figuring I didn't want the time to feel too much different so I ......Meh, the truth, I wanted to sleep in ha ha! Well we did so we got a late start on SART. Heading out to Imperial the huge flag near Tustin was in full bloom so I knew we'd be working hard on the way to the coast. Heading out of Imperial I was working hard and holding 12 MPH. Got a little better after Lincoln then kicked up again after Edna Park. I know Gina was tired from the day before so I was expecting her to say "uncle" somewhere along the line. In fact we picked up a passenger right after the wooden bridge. Friendly fella so hey, it was cool that he hopped on for the ride. Because he was there I think Gina gave it a little more than usual trying to stay with me even though she was pretty tired.

Somewhere along the line we passed a few more riders, 2 of which hopped on the back as we rolled by. Gina knew the first guy was on but had no idea about the others. Whoah, talk about windy, those little underpass inclines were tough with the stiff headwind. Gina fell slightly behind on a couple so I backed off a bit to let her catch back on. She said she thought the dude would pass her  when she fell back but I don't think he was having an of it ha ha! He was happy to back off an let her catch back on ha ha!

Once we reached the coast the dude rolled up and thanked me for the pull. Cool! So we kicked back at the beach stop with Tony for a while then he headed off alone. Gina and I stayed for a bit longer then headed back hoping to have some sunlight when we got home. I offered to wash her car, why did I do that ha ha! Not long after we left the coast we ran across Tammy & Alan heading the opposite way. Then not long after that Herb & Alyce. They turned around and joined us for the final 10 mile return. It was a nice tailwind so we just cruised back. I'm betting Gina was happy as it was one nice cool down from a hard day's work.

Once we got back to the cars we were conversatin' with Herb & Alyce when Alan & Tammy rode up. Ha ha, that' when the fun began. Herb played photographer for us!

                                               Nobody here but Tony and us chickens

                                      OK, post ride stretch. Leave it to Alan, wrong way, do over!

                                                 There we go! Post ride stretch done right!

                                                        Ah Alan, I just love this guy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

SART 3/9/13

Not enough for a video so I will throw in tomorrow's footage to make a video of both days in one.

Gina and I did a 44 miler. Ran into Alex at the Honda Center and again at the coast. He was doing his usual 100 miler. at the coast we ran into Gistand and his Cat Trike, Tammy & Alan, Dan The Man and his Bianchi, and Tony.  We hung out at the coast for a while then headed back for the return.. Alex left a bit before we did and Dan headed off with his partner Roger for some century training.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tandem SART

Nice 41 mile  tandem ride with Gina on Sunday. Started with Jose then quickly ran into Jose so we ended up doing a portion of the ride with Jose & Jose. Sounds like a musical group ha ha! It QUICKLY got windy as soon as we turned around at Imperial. Nice big headwind to the coast. About  6 miles form the coast Jose volunteered to do the pull, who am I to argue? He was looking strong so we just sat behind him and enjoyed the ride.

At the coast we ran into Lucas and his sidekick Brad Pitt. Lucas mentioned that maybe I could photo chop his head with somebody good looking. He also joked about having a big head but really, I had a hard time fitting George's bigger head into the pic ha ha! Had another chance to visit with Steve the skate champ. Dude is 73 years old and for his birthday skate, he did 73 miles. 8 plus hours! 73, hey I love to skate but when I'm 73, I'll be lucky if I can stand on skates ha ha! This dude at 73 still has a few races scheduled for the next few months. I maybe wrong but I believe one is in Texas somewhere. My aging memory!

We hung out at the coast because it was sunny. The entire ride was cloudy and cool but once we hit the coast, the sun shined! I didn't really want to leave but  we had to get back having dinner plans with the parents. Figures, as soon as we mount the bikes, the sun faded blah! But it was a nice ride back. Alyce did great today. Yesterday under the weather but today she was good. One thing about cycling, you can feel bad and not have a good ride then the next, ride like a superhero ha ha!

Sunday was much emptier on the trail compared to Saturday. We did run across Steve & Laura on their tandem . Got in a shout but when Genaro rolled by, it took a couple seconds before I realized. Having dark shades and not being able to see the lady killer eyes threw me off. Sadly I didn't have the recorder on when they went by so no I missed them on video.

Some people think the music should match the video footage but sometimes I just use a song cause I freakin' like it ha ha!

Jose 1 and Jose 2

                                               Matching jerseys and helmets, we're twins!

                                73 year old Steve, birthday skate couple months back of 73 miles, WOW!

                                            Ran into a couple celebs, George C. and Brad P


                                                 Pic for a friend, he knows who  ha ha!

                                                 Herb throwing down the Mac Daddy !

                                                 They stopped long enough for a smile

Saturday, March 2, 2013

SART 3/2/13

About 44 miles today with Jose, Herb & Alyce. Alyce a bit under the weather today had planned to cut off a bit early to take care of some medical business but to my surprise she finished out the ride. The 5 of us started together heading to Yorba Park then back to the coast. A quick pit stop at the Honda Center park as usual, a quick hello to Jesus then we were off. Ran across Ron & Dixie flying by the opposite direction. A quick stop at the park then headed out.

Herb took a long pull heading to the coast so we just hung on. This always tickles me as mentioned before. We roll passed some dude, then seconds later he blows by. He power sprints for like 1/2 mile then he's done and we roll by again at cruising speed. I guess I'll never understand why a slower rider wants to turn it into a race when we roll by. Oh well, something to add entertain while posting my videos ha ha!

Very nice day, warm and sunny. I thought it was summer when we rolled into the beach stop. There was Angie and Jeff and their tandem taking a break. Soon after Tammy and Alan rolled up. Alan shows and what happens, the sun hides. Got cool and almost looked like rain clouds. Hanging around Alan will do that ha ha!

Alex2 shows up then Jordan who we hadn't seen in a while. Wow, he's on his roadie and sew ups. cool wheels! So we all head back just rolling at a good pace. Gina was at the front for a bit so I thought I'd move a little back for a good view of the group.  I swear she surprises me, most times when I don't want to be surprised ha ha! She put a gap on me so I had to work hard to regain contact. So once I catch up, Jordan and Pete move up to the front. Great now I have to work even harder ha ha! We did have a good smooth pace for most of the return. By this time Alex2 had joined us so we had 3 strong riders at the front holding pace. Gina did very well considering she lectured me early in the ride for going fast. It's OK when it's somebody else at the front ha ha!

I was at the font doing a decent pace making sure Gina would stay on when Jordy pulled to the front and said, "Let me help!". I knew it was on, he picked up the pace then I think it was Alex that hopped the front. Now we're rolling! Gina fell back not being able to hold that pace but we were close to the end and finished with the bad part of town so I rolled with it. We were rolling then Pete moved to the front and lifted the pace even more. Now we are really rolling! I knew someone was behind me and I caught a glimpse of blue. It's Alan! Hey, I didn't know the dude could roll that fast. I thought he was far behind with Tammy and Gina.

Well we got to the end of our ride then turned off at the fire station. We shouted but Jordan kept rolling, oh OK! Maybe he's in a hurry to get somewhere. We stopped then he returned a few minutes later, where did everybody go ha ha! He didn't realize we had turned off. Alan was looking good and so was Tammy, she was right behind us. Now Gina, she was a little ways back so I'm going to have a chat with her about her training ha ha!

Gina sporting the new helmet (we match now!)

Poor Pete. I couldn't get off a pic without other people photobombing the pic ha ha!