Thursday, June 5, 2014

Euclid Avenue (MTB Up the Center)

Got in a short little ride today up the center of Euclid Ave. Crossed 13th to Euclid got about a mile flat warm up then headed up the center in the dirt. Just trying to get in some riding. Got in 530 ft in the 3 mile somewhat of a climb ride. 3-4% most of the way but it does kick up at the very top. I did see an 8% and 10% reading for a short time on the Garmin but I don't see the 10% on the Strava readouts. Either way my lungs felt it  ha ha! Garmin says average temp was 89 so it was warm. Not so sure I felt the heat much though. Not to mention I pumped iron the last couple of days and man does that zap your energy! But I am determined to get back into some kind of shape!

I did capture a little reminder in my video of why I don't care to take Gina out on the roads much anymore.  On the way down I see a car crossing Euclid at my left, she stops for a brief second then continues through my Southbound section of the divided avenue. As I approached I made eye contact with her so I thought she saw me but she took off anyway. She waved and somewhat apologized but I just had to shake my head. I didn't really give the finger as I stated with captions in the video :-P

But this is a reminder of why I keep Gina of the roads as much as possible. It's one thing to see these things and pick up on them but I have seen too many riders concentrating on their downhill speeds, records, and pace to see these things coming. A few have gotten hit and they swear it's unavoidable. I see it differently but I also know Gina will go into a deep concentration and miss these things so I keep her off as much as possible for her own protection. I don't take it as "mean drivers trying to hurt cyclists". I believe it's more that there are too many crappy careless drivers as well as cyclists. I admit Gina can be careless and this is the reason I keep her to a minimum as far as road riding.

So in short, I was on the paved road for maybe 5 miles today and this happens. Keep your eyes open and be careful out there. And don't be to proud to admit that all of us cyclists can never be too cautious or critical of our road skills.

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