Sunday, January 4, 2015

2nd Ride of the Year!

Another 36 miles.  Well I'm posting here for the weekend since the video covers both days.  Couple of chilly days. Wore my usual shorts and jersey with an under layer but I wouldn't have complained about some leg cover. Not that it was real cold but the start is a bit tough. Seems the cold air puts that extra burn on my legs warming up. Not so much on Sunday but Saturday seemed colder.

Mike and Jose started the ride off with us on Saturday. Then we ran into Jose of River Velo and a few of is buddies. They ride earlier claiming ti was 34 degrees. And Gina thought it was cold starting at 11 am ha ha! In the video I tell Jose that was cold but they are the tough guys getting out that early. One of his buddies says, "not tough, just crazy!". I must agree ha ha!

Later at the coast we ran into Mark and Gail. Had some laughs and a chat then headed back. Strange but this weekend it seems the wind has changed. Not too tough to the coast but the ride back was all headwind. I'm teasing Gina in the video cause she has thing about answering questions without thinking about what is really being asked ha ha! Gatorade gives her heartburn so Aimee had suggested she try SKRATCH. She picked up a container and seems to like it, much milder than others she has tried. Well she had brought along and extra baggie with powder to mix during break time. We were just about to head back when I asked Gina, "did you drink your SKRATCH?". She said, "I ate it!".

I was cracking up, pretty hardcore Gina. She doesn't even mix the powder with water, she just eats it ha ha! :-P

So Sunday comes then we ride again, this time with Aimee and Jose. Just a nice cruise not working too hard. Knowing we'd have a headwind on the return I just held a comfy effort. At the coast we ran into a dude named Pat. We had met before through Mark but it had slipped my mind. He sat a little ways from us at the coast. I thought I heard him say something but wasn't sure. A couple minutes later he was there chatting away with us. Had some good conversation about his racing over the years. This day he was riding from Baldy to the coast then back up Baldy Rd. 100-130 miles, that's insane for a pleasure cruise ha ha! BTW Mark, he says to tell you guys hello! :-)

                    Thank goodness for photo edit programs. Deleted the homeless dude and
                                  his bike next to the tree ha ha! Ron (PinoyBntr) and his bent.

Jose R and a few River Velo Dudes

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