Thursday, April 30, 2015

Down 20 Lbs

Feeling great with the new eating habit. Today I had a chance to ride without Gina. She had to work a bit over so she told me not to wait so I headed out. I rode up San Antonio to 23rd St where we usually ride when we go local. A 12 mile ride today. One segment that interests me on this ride is the 21st to 23rd segment. Today I had a chance to push so I moved up form rider #265 to # 113 on the full leader board. Quite a few spots so I'm happy. Riders over 200 pounds, I'm # 13. Cool! I figure I'll drop another 30 lbs then go crush my times on GMR too! :-P

What was cool on this ride is that when I approached the park on 20th St, some dude jumped out of his van then shouted, "dude, you are quick! I saw you way down the road and you are already here!". That was motivating! :-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Short After Work Ride

Up San Antonio, local ride. Trying to get in some riding during the week. Just about a thousand feet of elevation gain. Not bad for starters.

                                                Glad we aren't stuck in sucky traffic! :-P

                                                          Nice view of the mountains

                                                                 GO Gina GO!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Awesome SART Ride

Totally awesome ride today. Started the 40 miles with Gina, Aimee,  Jose and Mike. Improved our speed to a 17.1 average today. Good eating has done good cause I felt great and never once felt tired. Gina did very well and never looked tired even though she says she was. What made this ride fun today was that we caught up to a lot of riders, especially in the headwind where it's tough. One point we caught up to a dude and his wife (I'm guessing). Both looked fit and dressed in race kits. We caught them form way behind so they got behind us to draft us (saves 15% of a riders energy). They drafted us for a while then they raced around us as if we were racing. We just let them race off thinking they were really fast ha ha! I knew we would be catching them again. I mean we caught them from a mile behind, we'll catch them again just holding our pace. As the couple went around I shouted, "wow, you guys are like totally awesome!". Sure enough we ended up catching back up. Just as we were about to catch them, they turned off the trail ha ha! Few other guys did pretty much the same thing so it made it fun laughing at all the guys that tried to pretend they were racing but couldn't hang ha ha! So anyway, on the way back we had a couple more buds riding with us. One dude in yellow managed to get in our group. I'm thinking he hopped in while we rode by a park since there was nobody behind us for a long time. So this guy rides with us for a few miles then at one point he goes racing around, OK! He pulls away but in the meantime Mike chases him. Mike catches him then sits on his back wheel drafting him. So the guy tries like heck to leave Mike behind but it ain't happening. Mike's a pretty fast guy! So the guy gives it his all and nothing! So he moves over thinking Mike is going to help him, Nope! I'm hoping Mike doesn't help him cause I know the way Mike thinks. He's trying to wear this guy down so we can catch back up ha ha! I see Mike get in front a couple of times and lifts the pace, He makes he guy chase him. This only burns out a tired rider. Mike rinses and repeats a couple of times and now I can see them although a little ahead and the guy is all over his bike moving with sloppy form. This means he is tired and struggling. Sure enough we catch back up and as we roll by Mike shouts, I was waiting for my train!". I knew it ha ha ha! As we rolled by the guy I just looked at him and smiled like Neener neener neener he he he! tongue emoticon He was totally burned out and the rest of the trip he just stayed at the back struggling and trying to hold onto the "B Train" (Beanz Train for those that don't know ( compliments of HerbM smile emoticon ) Gina did awesome! She says she was tired but she was cranking it up out there today!

                          Steve the senior inline skater racer dude! He just own a race yesterday!

                                        Haven't seen Lucas in a year or so! He looks thinner!

                                                      Tony on his single speed!

              The dude that raced around us is just behind Gina to the left of Jose also in yellow.

                                    Herb and Alyce going the opposite direction with a wave!

             Mike playing games with the yellow dude! He wanted to play, he got some play! :-P

Sunday, April 19, 2015

SART Sunday

Pics for now, video at later time.

                                                       Gina pulling the troops!

                                     Ricky Racer...Really his name is Ricky and he races! :-P

                                            Seemed they were hanging in pairs today! :-P

                                  I was taking selfies way before facebook existed! ;-)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Ride (4/18/15)

Yikers! I just looked at my yearly mileage and it suck ha ha ha! Good thing is I am down 17 lbs this month. I plan to lose 38 more with my newly found change of lifestyle diet. Today we did 36 and wow I felt really good. 2 weeks ago I rode after changing the diet and I felt great on the ride but really tired at the end. Today I figured I better drink the sport drink and eat a Stinger for some nutrition, I'll burn it off!

Gina has been pretty much on the same diet so she's feeling much better too! She did great today. A couple times I sat up figuring she was a bit behind on some of the sections where she tires, but to my surprise she was right there ready to pass me if I lose a step.

Well Vegas last weekend but it's time to start hitting the road during the week. Did have a family member in the hospital all week so it gets rough but hopefully all that is done for now. Time to ride! We ran into Mark and Gail a the coast as well as Ron and Dixie. :-)

                                                Last week in Vegas. No buffets but I managed!

Couple of guys from the Sikad ride took our wheel as we rolled by.

                                            Terrible skateboard skills but heck, her boobs
                                      were bouncing all over so I figure it's blog material. :-P


                                                                      The Crew

                                                     I must admit, I'm a Trek Man!

                       I'll never understand why people want tats all over their body but oh well!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

1st Post Diabetes Diagnosis Ride

Well, diagnosed with diabetes type 2! Both parent have it and all grandparents so what are the chances? Yes I was given the news but no way am I upset or surprised. I had been telling Gina for a couple years that we really need to start watching our eating habits. so although this ins not good new, it's almost a blessing. Now I have a reason to watch what I eat and my weight, perfect for cycling as well as health.

Doc told me I have 3 choices. Take meds to lower the sugar level, take meds to squeeze the crap out of my pancreas, or diet and exercise. Hmm tough choice! I don;t take meds and I will not so I picked the healthiest solution! Something we should have been doing a long time ago. So this week I ate the suggested foods. 3 ounces salmon, some veges, a cup of potatoes and so on. I actually felt really good all week and since I "have" to eat breakfast, the smaller portions don't affect me on a normal day.

Just this week alone with the change, I am 4 lb lighter! Yeah baby! So today we went to ride and I sure felt strong. We only did 36 miles but it was windy and we averaged 16.7. Mike took a pull for about two miles which was much appreciated. I pulled the rest but felt good. I will say after the ride I was tired so maybe I need to adjust or take in some extra stuff on ride day. Giving up the big spaghetti dinners didn't help the the way I felt today as far as intake. But hey, once I get this body down to a skinny Beanz, what I eat should be even better as far as nutritional values.

FTR, brother is 2 years older and having problems as a result of his diet. Plus he had a mini stroke a couple years back at 51. He chose the wrong path but not Beanz! Hell no, I plan on keeping my woman happy till I'm at least 80! After that is all a bonus!:-P

My father diagnosed type 1 back 40 years ago has shown me what happens to diabetics. Couple of amputated toes, loss of sight and worst of all, dialysis.

Let me just say, I would be a freakin' fool to let this happen to me. I've known better and I know better. I've been lazy and I take responsibility for my condition so starting this past Monday, life has changed for both Gina and I ! :-)

A still from Ron and Dixie's GO Pro!


                                                            Gina pulling the troops!

                                          Gina kickin' it in her bright orange socks! :-P