Thursday, April 30, 2015

Down 20 Lbs

Feeling great with the new eating habit. Today I had a chance to ride without Gina. She had to work a bit over so she told me not to wait so I headed out. I rode up San Antonio to 23rd St where we usually ride when we go local. A 12 mile ride today. One segment that interests me on this ride is the 21st to 23rd segment. Today I had a chance to push so I moved up form rider #265 to # 113 on the full leader board. Quite a few spots so I'm happy. Riders over 200 pounds, I'm # 13. Cool! I figure I'll drop another 30 lbs then go crush my times on GMR too! :-P

What was cool on this ride is that when I approached the park on 20th St, some dude jumped out of his van then shouted, "dude, you are quick! I saw you way down the road and you are already here!". That was motivating! :-)


  1. Down 20 pounds! I just have to make a comment about that. Way to go! Very inspiring. I am on my way down too. I am ready for GMR whenever you are.

    1. Thanks Jimbo! Very soon, I will be ready for GMR very soon! I'll get with you for a ride! :-)