Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday SART

Had a good ride with Gina, Aimee and Mike (44.4 @ 16.0 average). Ran into Terrible Tim at the coast who then rode back with us. We had a real big headwind on the way to the coast today. Some dude named Dick (no, I did not make that up! :-P) rolled by somewhere after Lincoln heading to the coast. Very fit looking guy in a Rock and Road shop kit. He seemed to fade after a bit heading into the wind. We ended catching back up but then he rolled away again. He stopped at Edna Park about a minute ahead of us. We rolled in then he said, I had a real hard time staying ahead of you guys!". We started to chat about cycling. pretty cool guy. What I admired about the guy was that he was willing to state the facts. He had to work to stay ahead. Most guys will come off saying, Meh, you couldn't keep up with me, I'm too tough!". I like these guys that will pretty much compliment other riders rather than build themselves up. A few race stories and some history, seems like a good rider.

About the girl with the knockers. She rolled by as we rested at the coast. All the other riders including Gina said, "wow you missed that one!". I asked, Did I?", then put the camera on to show the images on the card and BAM, there she was ha ha! Sometimes I just look like I'm sleeping he he he! :-P

                                                             Mike and Terrible Tim!

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