Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Gina Kick Butt Ride!

Well Gina says her mid week rides and change of eating habits haven't done her much good. I beg to differ! Today was good proof of that. We started the 43 miler with Mike but later ran into a few other guys. We had a pace line doing a pretty good pace against the wind. We picked up a few other guys, 2 of which we see often on the trail Joaquin and Eduardo. The guys took turns rotating at the front. It was nice to have help but I was worried that the pace into the wind would be too hot for Gina. The final stretch to the coast was windy but I felt great! With all the guys behind us I thought maybe I would slow down a bi  for Gina. Just then I heard her shout, I feel good, if you want to go faster!". Oh wow! I pushed the pace figuring none of the guys would sprint around to the end if the pace was too high. Sure enough they stayed on the back so I thought. When we pulled up to the coast I was shocked to see that 3 of the guys had fallen off the pace and were far behind but Gina was still there! We pulled int to the rest stop and one dude said, "wow she is strong!". When the other 3 finally arrived, they didn't say much but Gina got a few funny looks ha ha! It was a great day and Gina did pretty darn well. Eating habits are paying off for the 2 of us as well as the mid week rides that we fit in when we can! :-)


                                                 Gina still looking good after 40 miles !

                                     Real cyclist, his bike is worth more than his truck ha ha!

                                                               Alan the real cyclist!

                                                 Iron Man Tammy, or is it Iron Woman?

                                                            Tammy leg with the tat!

                                                   Alan's leg, not much going on there! :-P

                                              SART regulars Joaquin and Eduardo

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