Monday, December 26, 2016

More Wind, Windier, Windiest, Really Windy

Working off all the Christmas tamales ha ha!44 miles at 16.7 average. What a surprise, I didn't expect this wind today but boy was it windy. Especially  at Imperial heading toward Yorba Park. My turn at the front and working my butt off holding a whopping speed of 13 MPH ha ha ha! Knowing we would have to work hard making our way back from the coast, we soft pedaled while heading south. Payed off because heading north on the return to the coast got pretty windy. The three of us, Mike & Joaquin made a pretty good team. Steady pulls and not too much cranking it up. Too much wind and trying to crank it up against the wind would be certain death ha ha!

We were at the coast when another cyclist pulled up. He was sitting across the way and I saw him checking out my old Cannondale, the Mr. Beanz Mobile. As he was getting ready to head out, he rolled up and asked if I was the Mr. Beanz that posted pictures. Yup, that's me ha ha! Seemed like a friendly dude! We had a brief chat before he headed out. Turns out he is a poster on a local forum, or is that a used to be forum, SoCal TrailRiders, a ghost town now.

Hope my hearing didn't fail me but I believe he said his name on the board was "Molar Mike" You know me, hearing ain't all that good to start with and after having the wind in my ears for an hour and a half, I hear all kinds of different things ha ha! If the name is wrong, drop a comment if you can and I'll correct it.

Did see Alyce fly by, Bad Bob and Charlie with a little group go flying bye, really fast! It was funny but I really didn't see Alyce. I saw a group going by so I was watching them to make sure we passed safely in opposite directions. Half way through the group I heard, Beeeeeanz!!!'. I recognized her voice. Well, Pretty sure that was her ha ha!

Managed to snap a shot of myself ha ha!

Molar Mike

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