Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Little Johnny Cash and Elvis Guitar

Got together with the brother over the holidays for a little jam session. Seems his voice was little better this time. Not so much of the Mickey Mouse high pitches ha ha! Gina says he seems more of a country singer.

I think this is the best take so far. Few mistakes here and there but with some practice time, I think we could work out the kinks. It is hard to play together without knowing exactly what the other guy is going to do. My Dad was watching and criticizing my brother's singing of certain words. Jeebus, we aren't really Johnny Cash, just a couple of dudes trying to put a song together. Heck I'm lucky I can form a C chord. :-P

We did get 3 copyright notices from youtube so I guess that is a good sign!

I really like this one! This is one song I never thought I would be able to play but it's coming along.

Gina says this one is a little fast. After review, I believe she is correct. Where was she when we were recording, would have helped. :-P

Another one of my favorites.

Monday, December 26, 2016

More Wind, Windier, Windiest, Really Windy

Working off all the Christmas tamales ha ha!44 miles at 16.7 average. What a surprise, I didn't expect this wind today but boy was it windy. Especially  at Imperial heading toward Yorba Park. My turn at the front and working my butt off holding a whopping speed of 13 MPH ha ha ha! Knowing we would have to work hard making our way back from the coast, we soft pedaled while heading south. Payed off because heading north on the return to the coast got pretty windy. The three of us, Mike & Joaquin made a pretty good team. Steady pulls and not too much cranking it up. Too much wind and trying to crank it up against the wind would be certain death ha ha!

We were at the coast when another cyclist pulled up. He was sitting across the way and I saw him checking out my old Cannondale, the Mr. Beanz Mobile. As he was getting ready to head out, he rolled up and asked if I was the Mr. Beanz that posted pictures. Yup, that's me ha ha! Seemed like a friendly dude! We had a brief chat before he headed out. Turns out he is a poster on a local forum, or is that a used to be forum, SoCal TrailRiders, a ghost town now.

Hope my hearing didn't fail me but I believe he said his name on the board was "Molar Mike" You know me, hearing ain't all that good to start with and after having the wind in my ears for an hour and a half, I hear all kinds of different things ha ha! If the name is wrong, drop a comment if you can and I'll correct it.

Did see Alyce fly by, Bad Bob and Charlie with a little group go flying bye, really fast! It was funny but I really didn't see Alyce. I saw a group going by so I was watching them to make sure we passed safely in opposite directions. Half way through the group I heard, Beeeeeanz!!!'. I recognized her voice. Well, Pretty sure that was her ha ha!

Managed to snap a shot of myself ha ha!

Molar Mike

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Freakin' Windy

44 miles 16.7 average. OK now today, Sunday is what you call wind ha ha! First off, all the guys were fresh and I was the only one who rode Saturday 50 miles so my legs were toasty. The guys said they were going to ride a pace and not push too hard.

But sure enough as soon as we started, Jose took the front and started our warm up at 19.0 MPH. OK, I don't warm up that fast so after 10 seconds on the trail, I'm thinking this can't be good. He finishes his turn at the front and Joaquin lifts the pace to 20, 21. Ummm No! 50 miles yesterday mostly solo and today another 44 at this pace? I don't think so! So I moved over quickly and told the guys to go on without me. Mama didn't raise no fool! I know we will regroup at Yorba Park as our turnaround point so Why kill myself? I'm smart enough to know I have to conserve for the tail end of the ride.

I see Joaquin and Mike pull away, Jose fell behind and was trying real hard to catch up. Soon I was 50 yards behind Jose but I stuck to my own ride plan which is "be smart!". As soon as we hit Kraemer, the wind is freakin' blowing hard. I'm holding my warm up pace but somewhat trying to stay in touch. After another mile or so I see someone ahead looking back. It's Mike. Jose and Joaquin pushing ahead. Mike says, "I noticed you weren't with us and figured I'd wait, you're the smart guy!". Ha ha ha, Mike knows I ain't no fool and a master pacer when it comes to riding. He says let them push ahead, it's a big mistake so he knew it was better to hold back some and conserve as we still have 35 more miles out of the 44 to go.

We ride side by side chatting a bit, figuring what will happen with the others later down the road. The wind is really blowing and we are holding about 13 at times but gaining on the other two who look as if they are putting in a real hard effort but not getting very far with this wind. They reach the park about one minute before we arrive.

The wind is blowing so I told the guys I would soft pedal as far as I could trying to conserve energy. Original plan was to take 1 mile turns at the front but with this wind, it would be hard. Jose says he will take the front but won't go over 18. A minute later we're rolling at 21. He was at the front for a good while and I will admit, I was working trying to stay up. No draft but a tailwind but I was working as I was not fresh today. Later Joaquin takes the front and is doing pretty good! Once we hit Edna Park Mike takes the front. Now the wind has shifted and it's a pretty good headwind beating on us. Mike finishes his pull and I take the front. I'm trying real hard to hold 17.5 into the headwind. I finish my turn and then Joaquin ends up at the front again. Not sure what happened to Jose but he skipped his turn somehow. Joaquin goes to the front and picks it up for a couple minutes then I look at the speed and we are down to 16.5. Thank goodness, this is what I was counting on, the early effort taking its toll. Now instead of working hard to keep up with the fresh guys, I'm relaxing.

Turns change a couple more times then Joaquin ends up at the front again. He ends up taking the long final pull. He's holding about 16 into the headwind and nobody else is taking the front. I figured I'd help the guy now but passing 3 other riders might be a tough way to take the front. But just as I am about to do so, he lifts the pace so I stay back. Minute later he fades then I plan again. But he did the same thing and now I'm hesitant as we are only 1/4 mile from the coast.

We get there and I tell Joaquin what a good job is and Jose are doing. They look very strong today. Then we head back, Jose takes first turn at the front. He holds about 18 then it's my turn. I'm all nice and warm now so I lift it to 20 once Jose is settled in line. We rotate some then Joaquin finishes a turn then pulls off leaving Mike at the front. I'm third in line now behind Jose. Mike picks it up and just then Jose turns to me and says go ahead, he's tired. Oh darn! So he doesn't move out of the way so I have to go around on the left and shoot up hard to try to catch Mike's wheel. I finally make it and figure the other two are on my wheel seeing as they looked really strong so far.

I get on Mike's wheel and a couple minutes later I look back and the two guys are about 40 yards back. I see Jose is on Joaquin's wheel. Mike keeps the pace and I let him know the other two have dropped. He asks if I want to wait. Ummm, no we can go, just keep the same pace so it doesn't look like we were trying to drop them. They didn't slow and wait for us earlier so now, why wait? Wasn't going out of our way to drop them, but wasn't going to wait either.

2 miles from the end of the ride as we were crossing the Edna Park bridge, we looked back and saw that they were now about 100 yards back. We're actually trying to figure out if Joaquin held back for Jose or did he actually just get tired.

Now at this point, the wind freakin' changes and there is a monster wind blowing against us. We're riding side by side chatting but actually at a good effort and doing about 14 ha ha! When we get to the 22, I look back and see Jose half way between us and Joaquin who is about 3/4 of the strip behind us. Now Jose left Joaquin. I tell Mike it looks like Jose is working hard to catch up. We kept the same pace and kept chatting but he never did. He got to the end of the ride about 2 minutes behind us and Joaquin about 5.

Let me tell you, I was not trying to drop the guys but with the way my legs felt at the start of the ride, I'm glad I stuck to my plan, it paid off! I think they went a little too hard out of the gate then paid for it at the end. Pretty happy with the ride today. Going from legs wanting to fall off to chatting at the end with Mike and having guys work hard to try to catch us.

I will also say, when the guys are rolling, it's tough moving out into the wind trying to snap a few pics. It seemed every time I did, they lifted the pace ha ha! Probably didn't but it sure feels that way ha ha!

                            First 2 pics are the same, but cropped zoomed in and zoomed out

You can tell how hard the wind was blowing by the lean on the trees!

SoCal a Christmas time!Shorts and a tank.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Almost Solo 50 Miles

50 miles at 16.9 average. Well I started out solo aiming for 50. Thought about 60 but didn't want to hassle with detours heading to Green River so I was good with 50. Maybe a good thing as Imperial to Weir was pretty windy. I did do that section twice just to make sure I would get 50. One of my ride partners wanted to do the 60 with me but said his knee hurt and that he would do the ride but only riding my wheel and could not offer any help. Uhh no! Best if you do your own short ride so you don't damage your knee. I don't want to be responsible and on a 60 miler, if someone rides your wheel and doesn't offer help, that drives me crazy so better I ride alone, and Gina has a cold this week.

I did pretty good considering it seemed like  pretty good headwind this Saturday. When I got to the coast I had a 16.2. When I got there, Mark was there then a bit later Alex rode up. I watched the two play with the birds for a while then we headed back together. I took the front for the first couple miles, then Mark took the front for a few. I was feeling pretty good for quite a while Alex was up front. He seemed to pick it up and was kicking butt! Did a real long pull and I was happy just trying to stay with him. The closer we got to the end of my ride, the harder I had to try. Either Alex was getting faster and faster or I was getting tireder and tireder ha ha! Is that even a word? Must be cause I felt it ha ha! Anyway, we ended up going faster than I would have had I did the return 12 miles alone.

Some pics of Mark and Alex playing with the birds. Me at the end of the ride, happy it's over! :-P Cool day but felt nice with the sun!

When I arrived at the trail head, the place was  filled with homeless and people feeding them and passing out clothes. I couldn't even get by. But when I walked by a couple of the volunteers passing out stuff, I said, "Oh great, more shit for them to toss on the trail, thanks!". They didn't say a thing, just looked at me then looked away. Sure enough after the ride, I get back and look at all the crap they left behind. They ought to get fined for this, I know I would if I threw a chip bag on the ground. Like I said, the homeless have no rules and no laws.

Here are more crap pictures of the mess they are making out there. How can Anaheim allow this? All right outside the A Stadium. You know sooner or later, fans will start getting robbed out there!

One of several homeless camps, about 1/2 mile long.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday Ride

Oh Crap! I forgot to post my Sunday ride ha ha! 35 miles at 16.2 average with Gina. Mike showed up at the start as he had been on the trail for a bit so he ended up with 55 miles. I stayed at the front the whole time to set the pace for Gina who did very well! Plus we saw the Legend out there, again!

On the way back we rolled by some lady ( I spotted on Strava Flybys). Wow, what a grump! We rolled by somewhere south of the 405. I looked at her as we rolled by and she pretty much snickered at me. Maybe she didn't but it was a sour look. Down on her aerobars but sat up once we rolled by.

Of course once we rolled by she gladly hopped on the back as if we were friends. She sucked wheel for 6 or 7 miles to Edna Park. We got split by some other riders and had wait for Mike so we slowed up. Then she went around Gina and I without so much as a smile, thanks, or even a decent look on her face! She got down on her bars again. Mike caught back up and I saw her look back like she was going for it. I figured she was ending her ride soon as she seemed to think she was really going somewhere. Again we passed her and she hopped on the back once again. Funny but we weren't even trying to lift the pace, just holding it steady for Gina. Sure enough she hopped off and turned off the trail as expected.

Wow, what a rude lady! No friendliness, no nothing, but an ugly sour face. I did find her on Strava and funny but she titled her ride, "Sunday Cruise". Ha ha lady, I don't consider working your butt off and going nowhere a cruise. Should have titled it Worked my butt off but still sucked anyway and thanks to those people who pulled my sorry ass lifting my average!". He he he! This laughing face is for you lady!!

I saw this ghost ship out on the water. I saw skeletons waving swords at me but when I pulled out the camera, they ducked!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Under The Weather Ride

43 miles at 17.4 average. Woke up with a sore throat 3 days ago, last 2 days I was blessed with a stuffy nose. But hey, I want to ride my bike so who cares if I have snot hanging from my face ha ha! Chilly day, kind of dark and and a little hint of drizzle near the coast. Just enough to hinder your view through sun glasses.

Jose and I set out together as Gina went Christmas shopping for 9 grand kids ha ha! Jose and I took turns but he has been off the bike the last couple weeks so he said he was having a rough time near the end. I thought he rode really well but the last 3 miles he said "uncle!". He said he couldn't take his turns anymore but that was cool cause we did well over the previous mileage. So I told him to hang on to my wheel while I towed him the last 3. Still ended up with a good average, especially being under the weather.

When we started, we ran into Jose R. and his buddies. I'm not so sure they are River Velo any longer as the group seems to be mostly different guys than a few years back. Anyway, though we were warming up, we figured we'd hop on for a bit. Got a good tow for about 5 miles.My turn came up so I was more than happy to take the front for the last stretch to Yorba Park. A bit faster than our usual warm up but hey, got to take advantage of the help ha ha!

The group ended their ride there so Jose and I turned around and headed back to the coast. We ran into Shauna and Mike along the way. So I snapped a couple of pics for my blog ha ha! If you have never seen Shauna's Colnago, you need to check it out sometime if you run across them, pretty sweet bike! I believe I have posted pics before here on my blog.

Oh yeah! Nobody on the beach and it was very chilly!

                       Custom Holland bike. Ti with carbon at the triangles. Wow,high tech stuff!

Funny! After I snapped the pics of Shauna and her hubby on their bikes, she said I was so talented ha ha! We were approaching Chapman when I sat up and took the turn no hands, while placing my camera back into the case, then placed the case back into my jersey pocket under my windbreaker, all while taking the turn no hands ha ha! Talent? Ha ha ha ha ha! This is the turn, downhill, then under the underpass.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Night to The Star and Back

Short midweek night ride. Up San Antonio to 24th street 2 times with a little side trip up the east side of Euclid hoping to get a pic of the big star at night. It's hard to get a pic of that sucker! Sure is much nicer now, one piece high tech looking thing compared to the old one a few years back before someone stole it ha ha! If I 'member correctly, somebody donated the new star. That was nice of them!

13 miles with 1,289 ft of gain. Of course it started to sprinkle on me a couple of times. Thought I would get stuck out in the rain but that star must have brought me luck cause both times it stopped after like 2 minutes. So don't worry about me, I didn't get wet! But you know us So Californians, 53 felt a bit chilly on the descent ha ha!

                                                                   Close as I could!

Baby I'm a STAR!!!

Sure hard to get a night pic of your bike.

.....and as hard as it is to eat healthy in December, I am trying cause I know the tamales are coming ha ha!