Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday SART with Gina and Friends

I was almost dreading this day thinking Gina would be tired from the tandem ride yesterday, But she did really well! Actually better than her last trail ride ha ha!

40 miles at 16.5 average. I can't complain! I felt my legs a bit today from yesterday but once we warned up, I felt pretty good! We really need to keep riding the tandem around home in the hills. Very good workout and can only make us stronger!

Today we started with Jose at Katella, headed inland then ran into Don at the coast. Had a good chat with Louie at the coast about cycling. Then headed back with the gang and picked up a couple riders along the way.

I swear there are too many jerks in the house! At the coast, some guy heard me tell Don that we started at Katella (but we head inland to Imperial). The guy didn't know so he starts saying, "that's it? I rode from Yorba Park and I bet you can't pass me on those expensive bike!". Umm OK! I looked at his bike, somewhat of a cruiser and I have no problem with cruisers. But I did ask, so what is your average that you are so fast? He said he didn't use a computer but he knows he's faster than us and we won't catch him. Umm OK! We were getting ready to leave when he  jumped in our conversation so we headed out about 2 minutes behind the guy. Of course we were on the trail for about 100 yards before we passed him. Wow, what a dope! Gina says there had to be something wrong with the guy, mental or he was on drugs. I don't know, all I know is that we was a butt hole ha ha!

Gina drinking from a bottle

Me drinking, no hands, and taking a pic. Just figured I'd make it interesting for ya ha ha!

Jose crossing paths with Jose R. (far side opposite direction)


Everybody looked happy but Jose, as usual!

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