Thursday, May 26, 2011

GMR 05/26/11

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Nice day on GMR. Only up to the shack for starters. Wow, I really need to hit the mountain more often to get back into shape. I know I say that all the time ha ha! Today I rode up then did some posing on the way down as always. Yes, I get my workout first.

Driving up to GMR I saw a familiar face, Pudgy Peddlar and ride partner. Wow, they were moving up the road heading up towards Foothill. I saw them so I turned down a street so that I could shout when they rolled by. I did so and they were gone! This is uphill mind you! So I caught them on the next street. I shouted out to Pudgy as he rolled by, "you look familiar". I don't think he heard me though. He might have thought I was just some bike snob shouting negative things out to them ha ha! I did get it out out his partner so I'm sure he knows it's me. Then I did catch them at the next stop for a shout.

I rolled up to the shack then stopped on the way down for a pic. Along rolls forum member "HabCup". First time we meet and wow, the dude is mellow. I wasn't real familiar with his postings but have seen him on the board. He says he doesn't post much and I can see why. He's too cool to be forum material ha ha! Pretty pleasant dude and 2 Go Pro video cameras on his bike? Hi tech stuff Man! Nice meeting him and cool mount. I would have talked a lot longer but he was at the bottom of the steep hill before the shack and I know how it is to have to warm up the legs after a long visit. I did miss the initial action shot. So a partial HabCup will have to do!

When I reached the bottom, I ran into a couple of dudes from Griffith Park heading up GMR for the first time. I'm sure I gave them more info than they asked for ha ha! Elio and Eleazar (hope I got it right).

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