Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SART 05/30/11 Memorial Day

Doh! I forgot to mention a couple of riders that shouted. I'm not real sure but one was with a large group so I'm thinking Robert Foster. The other guy, I have no idea, I don't think we've met.

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Today was something a little different. Some dude in a thong skates up, uhhh OKAY!! Dude must have had some guts. Pretty strange, not one person could hold back from dropping jaw ha ha! I couldn't help but post it, it was so shocking. Well, the women that view the videos can't say that I've never posted any beefcake for them, if that's what you' call it. Video doesn't show it but there were a ton of people around, eek! There is a clear butt shot near the end of the video so if you are offended by a thong and some butt skin, best not look. I thought about not posting it but it was just too shocking that a person would roll up in this outfit, err, I mean butt floss. FTR, I did not post the video in any of the cycling forums so if you view the video, do so on your own accord. Youtube comments are disabled and blog comments moderated.

Other than that, we ran into Jose, Bong, and Charlie of RiverVelo at the Honda Center park for a little TOC chat. Tony at the coast who rode a section of the return with us. Once again, LewisAClark for a little chat at the rest stop. Plus an EvilEuro fly by and a quick shout to Pinoybenter. I must say it was a beautiful day at the coast and lots of people.

Last picture is a before and after shot of Charlie. Just a little sample of what I do to make some of the pics look a little better for the blog. Stuff like deleting homeless people in sleeping bags, trash, pillows and bikes chained to trees ha ha!

Before and after touch up

Saturday, May 28, 2011

SART 05/28/11

Gina and I decided to do a shorter 32 miler vs our usual 42. Ran into ABEC at the start of he ride so we hung together. On the way to the coast we ran across LewisAClark. Finally got some footage of the guy after a couple of years. We let him tow us for while till we dropped off at at Edna for a refill. There we ran into George for some TOC talk and a few reasons why ABEC totally missed the tour ha ha! Sounds like my usual reasons for missing main events.

At the coast we ran across Joel. I told you I recognize riders by their bikes. I couldn't figure out who Joel was as he was on a different bike. His son was along for he ride while visiting. His son Paul attending college in Texas home for a visit and a ride with Dad. Cool! I don't think I've ever been called sir so many times. You can tell that Paul's a good kid!

Alyce and Herb popped in for a short visit. Alyce had wheel problems a while back so they did the only sensible thing to do. They both got a new wheel set, nice wheels ha ha! Alex2 also stopped in for a brief visit. Plans of another 100 miler but not so sure with the wind. This wind can change most any one's mind ha ha! It was a nice day at the coast though. The sun was out and plenty of people on the sand.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

GMR 05/26/11

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Nice day on GMR. Only up to the shack for starters. Wow, I really need to hit the mountain more often to get back into shape. I know I say that all the time ha ha! Today I rode up then did some posing on the way down as always. Yes, I get my workout first.

Driving up to GMR I saw a familiar face, Pudgy Peddlar and ride partner. Wow, they were moving up the road heading up towards Foothill. I saw them so I turned down a street so that I could shout when they rolled by. I did so and they were gone! This is uphill mind you! So I caught them on the next street. I shouted out to Pudgy as he rolled by, "you look familiar". I don't think he heard me though. He might have thought I was just some bike snob shouting negative things out to them ha ha! I did get it out out his partner so I'm sure he knows it's me. Then I did catch them at the next stop for a shout.

I rolled up to the shack then stopped on the way down for a pic. Along rolls forum member "HabCup". First time we meet and wow, the dude is mellow. I wasn't real familiar with his postings but have seen him on the board. He says he doesn't post much and I can see why. He's too cool to be forum material ha ha! Pretty pleasant dude and 2 Go Pro video cameras on his bike? Hi tech stuff Man! Nice meeting him and cool mount. I would have talked a lot longer but he was at the bottom of the steep hill before the shack and I know how it is to have to warm up the legs after a long visit. I did miss the initial action shot. So a partial HabCup will have to do!

When I reached the bottom, I ran into a couple of dudes from Griffith Park heading up GMR for the first time. I'm sure I gave them more info than they asked for ha ha! Elio and Eleazar (hope I got it right).

Been having problems with posting comments. If I don't return a comment, it's this blog thingy!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fontana up Alongside of Cajon Pass ....5/14/11

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Gina and I figured we'd do a ride around home since there was slight chance of rain. We started at Wardman Bullock near Cherry then headed up Old Cajon Blvd which runs along the side of Cajon Pass heading to Vegas on the 15. Small rollers are no problem but Devore Rd has a max of 10%. Gina was not happy on that section ha ha! We made our way up but by the time we hit the top it was getting pretty windy. Thank goodness it was not a headwind on the climb. But it sure slowed our speeds on the descent.

Now the real kicker is climbing Kenwood back into Devore. Max grade there is 16% according to Mapmyride. Some argue MMR is not accurate on sections of less than 1/2 mile so I used a .6 section. Some make a big deal about it but who cares, I use it as a reference. Overall I added up about 2,500 ft gain for the 33 miles. Gina is not a happy camper on the steep climbs but after it's all over and done, she says it's all in good training and suggest we do the ride once a week. Heck, save us some gas on traveling to the trail.

I was a little disappointed with the road, pretty bumpy but nothing dangerous and nothing noticeable on the climbs. We did run across a gal on the way up. Pretty fast gal just flying by. Nice big smile as you can see from the still shot(and video)! Only two other riders on the road as you see from the other still (and video ha ha!). On the way up, we had a couple of cars roll by with slight honks and lots of waves and cheers. That's always cool!

I was really shocked that there weren't any other riders up on the pass. Once we got to the top, I can see why. Some pretty creepy dudes hanging out in the area.

Few pics at the top, climbing Devore and what in the heck is that thing? Animal looked like somebody in a costume ha ha! Gina posing by a landmark with details of The Blue Cut (History of the Pass).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

SART 05/07/11

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Cool dark ride on SART today. Pretty surprised when The Legend Greg turned around and joined us for a ride. He rode with us from Imperial to the coast. But not till after a good view of his new bike with all the electronic shifter goodies. Breezy ride but nothing like the wind of last weekend. Rolling pretty good but Greg jumped up front and pulled to the coast. Looked effortless but he was cruising into the headwind at 19. Got to be the new bike ha ha!

At the coast we ran into Alex2, Roger, Tammy and Alan. Finally captured the illusive LewisAClark on video for a fly by. The sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds so we stuck around much longer than usual. I didn't think that was possible but we were there a long time! Oh well, the sun felt good. We left with Tammy and Alan and had a nice little cruise back into the clouds.

Pictures- Greg, Roger,Tammy, Gina, Alex2 and a few electronic goodies on Greg's bike

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Wind/ SART Sunday 05/01

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Wow, another windy ride but today we had help from some good riders, Aimee and Will (ABEC on the forums). Heading to Imperial was once again tough but as we headed back to the cost, Aimee took the front and paced us halfway there (Edna Park). Those that don't know Aimee, she is STRONG! After Edna ABEC took the front for the remainder to the coast. Both riders holding a pace of a consistent 19-20 mph. Wow, it is really different when you have other rider out front pulling you, I'm not used to that ha ha!

We get to the coast only to meet up with AznCarbos. He's quite the character with a great sense of humor and doesn't mind at all posing for the camera, always a big kick when he goes into pose mode! Then Bad Bob and Ben ride up for a short chat and a hello. Some curious conversation with George, Curious George. So we see Catalina very clearly but George sees a dragon with babies, puffing smoke. Uh OK! Maybe the dragon isn't the only one puffing some funny smoke bwahahahaha!

We head back and I'm fine for a while so I keep a good pace worried about Gina. To my surprise she sticks to us like glue. I was worried as she hasn't been on the bike too much with family and the weather. But she's there! after a good pull, I move to the side and plan to drop back figuring Gina needed to slow the pace. If she can hang, we'll hang if not, I'll be happy to stay back and let the other two go. I drop back and take a deep breath. Just as I do, Gina hesitates as if to drop off but then kicks it up! What the HEY!!! She pulls away and latches onto the other two. At this point, my legs were toast so I just sat up for a little recoup. That darn Gina surprises the heck out of me every so often. Today she caught me with my pants down! I knew the other two would have no problem with the last couple of miles but I did manage to catch back up to Gina after the other two proved to be too much.

It was a cool ride though! One of those rides that makes you say, "boy, I really need to get on my horse!". Aimee and her itty bitty little body pack a huge powerful punch (and she runs marathons). I've seen her punishing the dudes on the trail while ripping it up at 26mph. Today was my turn to be punished ha ha!