Saturday, May 19, 2012

SART Tandem Ride 5/19

Saturday was a 41 miler on the tandem with Gina. We had planned to ride up GMR to see the race but she wasn't feeling up to the suffering that goes along with the show. I can't blame her after all she has been through in the last couple of months. So hey, gave me a good reason to buy a new tire for the tandem. Why not throw in a seat while I'm at it ha ha! All the OT I've done lately, why not! OK, some new tights for Gina, new socks for me, hey this is fun!

Well anyway it was a nice ride and the tandem rode nicely after a good dusting off. Oh yeah, I bought a new saddle too. I like my Terry Fly saddle but $120 a pop is getting crazy considering I've paid $60 in the past for the ti model, darn inflation. The cromo was on sale online for $65 but I want it now ha ha! I picked yup the Performance wannabe Fly on sale for $39 after reading MANY good reviews about the saddle. Guess what, it worked VERY NICELY. Now if it last for a while, I''ll be real happy cause as it is now, the Fly ain't got nothing on this cheapo.

The ride was pretty quiet, everybody must have been on GMR. On the return we ran into a small group of riders at Edna Park. Got to talking a little about how much better they would do on a roadie (you know me). If you can do 25 on knobby tires you can do 50 on  roadie tires. The people were very nice! Turns out to be a small group from in Calimesa. We rode with them for a bit then a short chat at the end of the ride. Sounds like they are looking for other friendly riders in their area for some fun rides.



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