Monday, May 28, 2012

SART 5/28/12 Summer is Near

Gina and I hit the trail once again for another 41 miles. Quickly ran into Jose and Bong at the Honda Center park. Bong's daughter and couple other riders were with them so we had to get a pic ha ha! Hit Imperial then headed back to the coast. Edna Park restrooms are under construction so we decided to stop for a stretch at the new little park/landing after the wooden bridge. Wasn't long before Greg came up for a chat, then Mobile155 of the forums. Wow, when you are riding,seems like you are out there alone. When you stop and actually pay attention to the amount of riders going your way, it's shocking. So a brief chat with Mobile then he headed off with his group. I thought we had only been there with Greg for 20 minutes or so but Gina says more like an hour, how time flies!

So we hit the coast where Jed19 is hanging out. We chat for a bit then Pete rides up, more chatting. Pete's funny, always got something good and funny to say. It was his birthday this week as was mine so we decided to compare white hair ha ha! He won hands down! Then Tammy and Alan come along to join the party. Also a dude I met a few months ago named Dave. He's really been getting into the training and nutrition aspect of riding, good for him although he claims to be riding for fun. Krylon shows up so I chat with him for a bit then he flies after some modeling for the women he he!

Of course being a holiday, the beach was pretty crowded and lots of people. Lots of eye candy for the guys too! Again, all I can say is "summer is coming"! After some time at the beach stop we head back with Tammy and Alan. Alan takes the front for the last few miles setting a good pace. The rest of us follow. After Edna Park bridge he slows the pace so we all relax for the final two mile cool down.

One of the forum members asked me if Gina prepared her own bike before a ride. So I made this silly little video as a response. ;-)

Bong and Jose ( right) with RiverVelo riders


                                                                The Legend Greg


                                                           Pete striking a "white hair" pose


                                                     Plenty of Eye candy for the guys

                                           and plenty of eye candy for the women (Krylon)

                                            We did the dirty on Alan. Let him pull us 10 miles
                                                           then tried to drop him ha ha!


  1. Nice, I thought I saw you up GRM this morning. I guess that's why some dude looked as me weird when I yelled out Mr Beanz to him!